Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014


We have so SO much to be thankful for today and everyday. Thank you, God, for blessing us far beyond anything we deserve!

Clockwise: Korbin, Blade, Kylee, Brooke, Brody & Baxlyn. My cup runneth over <3


This year’s Thanksgiving Tree. Each day we added things and people we were thankful for. Forgive the bare treetop… Mama is short ;)


A few close ups of some of our leaves…




We hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving as well! –The Cox Family

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Korbin’s Recovery {Abdominal Hernia Surgery}

  Korbin’s surgery went great yesterday! He had his procedure done at Cook Children’s Ped. Surgery Center in Plano. Here he is when we arrived with his thumbs up, ready to go!korbin sugery3

Here he is during prep. I’ve never seen a kid to chill before going in for surgery. I think he was just so happy to be spending time ALONE with Bret and I, he didn’t care what was about to happen! Brody & Kylee get lots of “special” time for themselves with Bret and I due to so many doctors appointments but Korbin and Baxlyn, not so often :( He never shed a tear or showed ANY sign of being scared or nervous the entire time. After a dose of happy juice (that didn’t seem to do anything compared to his last surgery) he smiled and waved goodbye as they wheeled him off to the operating room.

korbin surgery1

The surgery only took about 40 minutes and Dr. Kadesky (who happens to be an identical twin!) said it was just as he thought…two hernias. One hernia a bit bigger than expected but both were taken care of thru one incision placed right between the two. Here’s our big man just after surgery (red irritation due to intubation) all smiles and ready for popsicles! He proudly told me “I didn’t even go to sleep!” Ok, buddy ;) Leading up to the surgery I think he was expecting everything that happened with Brody's experience a few weeks ago. He was excited to spend the night, have balloons, toys and teddy bears delivered and to play in the playroom in the hospital. He was a little thrown when we packed up and headed home within an hour or two of him waking up. Bret and I had planned on heading to the gift shop while he was in the OR to grab some balloons for him but the hospital didn’t have one. Sweet Mamaw & Wayne had a special Edible Arrangement delivered as well as a bunch of balloons when Korbin got home – thanks again, guys!

Korbin is home today due to doc’s orders and can return to school tomorrow. Although meds were prescribed, he’s in little to no pain and has only had a couple of doses of Tylenol! He’ll be joining Brody on the sidelines at school during PE and recess for a couple of weeks so his lil tummy can heal and then he should be good to go!

korbin surgery2

Thank you all who text, called and supported Korbin through kind words and prayers. His surgery couldn’t have gone smoother in any way!

Now…. on to the next child. Kylee will be having SPOTT surgery on her foot/ankle December 1st. Her surgery, like Brody’s will be done at Cook Children’s and she’ll spend at least one night in the hospital. Her surgery is a bit more difficult and she will have a much bigger recovery time. We will update later with more details regarding her operation.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Mr. Korbin, Prepped for Surgery!

Our sweet Korb is headed to Cooks Surgery Center in the morning (Tuesday the 11th) for a minor surgery. He’s had two small bumps just above his belly button since he was itty bitty. Multiple docs have kept and eye on them over the years and have never been too concerned. Some of the pros say they’re benign cysts and others believe they’re abdominal hernias. All the docs have agreed they’re nothing to worry about unless they start to bother Korbin. Over the past 6 months or so, Korbin has complained of them hurting. Nothing major, but enough to make him mention discomfort multiple times on and off for a while. He will be going in in the morning to have them removed/repaired. Dr. Kadesky will be performing the surgery which is to take no longer than 1 hour. After waking up and proving stable, our little mister will be on his way home and should be back at school within a day or two!


A closer look at his tummy before bed tonight (never mind the inside-out, backwards Pjs!)…


Korbin’s not nervous whatsoever, which is nice. In his mind he’s about to live it up at the hospital, receive balloons, skip a little school and eat ice cream for being brave like Brody did a few weeks ago. Although his won’t be quite the same experience, we’ll try to make it as special as we can ;)

We appreciate any positive thoughts and prayers you could offer us in the morning. He’s scheduled for surgery at 11am. We will update tomorrow evening. Thanks all!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Blade’s 2nd Birthday Party! {The COOP}

  Our sweet Blade turned TWO on the 25th! We celebrated his big number 2, Elmo style, this past weekend at The COOP in Frisco – SO fun!

HMB_6219the coop party

If you’re local and have small kids, we highly recommend visiting The COOP. This was our first time to host our party outside our home. I’m typically not a fan of places you rent as they’re impersonal and rushed but this turned out well. Luckily I booked plenty of time in advance and everything was set to go. With Brody’s unexpected shunt complications and surgery, it was nice to have it all planned already.  Our private party included a bounce house, a toddler book area and play area with toys, a dance pad/gaming area, ride on toys and the coolest ball pit and slide area ever! We had a total of about 40 people and everyone had a blast!


These little ride-ons were Blade’s favorite. He and his wee toddler friends rode them the entire time…


Sweet Wesley!

HMB_6213 Miss B!


 HMB_6225  Korbin, Brody & Kylee getting down on the dance floor!



HMB_6230   HMB_6246 This place was seriously fun for all ages. The big boys started pegging random bystanders with balls. The little boys caught on quickly. Here’s Korbin taking a shot at someone…

HMB_6250 Broman :]

HMB_6244 HMB_6260 Corinne wasn’t having a good time…. nope…not at all ;)

HMB_6263 Some of the adults playing a game of dodgeball on the game pad…

HMB_6265HMB_6242Brody having a great time. Nevermind Mason in the background ready to peg some innocent kid in the head with a ball… or Chris manhandling Korbin right next to him!

HMB_6272 Bret and Richie. Fun for all ages, I tell ya ;)


My sweet, shy Mason!

HMB_6283 HMB_6288 Innocent Bethany, minding her own business, looking after the littles just seconds before she’s hit square in the noggin by a ball thrown by her dear husband…

HMB_6291 Zooooooooooooooooooooom! Go Richie Go!


Uncle Darrell & John

HMB_6295 HMB_6298 Blakkkeeee, where are you?!?!

HMB_6299 Kylee gettin’ tickled by Papa!

HMB_6301 Bethany, Anna, Korbin and myself taking cover from the flying balls!

HMB_6309 HMB_6317 HMB_6318 HMB_6321 Our youngest party goer, Noah!


Mama, where are youuu?!”

HMB_6337   Can’t believe it’s been two years since we welcomed this sweet baby! 



HMB_6358  Blade and all his wittle friends :]

HMB_6363 HMB_6391

elmo cookes this

While he had the time of his life during the free play, it wasn’t until we sang “Happy Birthday” that Blade realized this whole thing was about HIM! His smile grew as everyone looked at him while singing and then once the song was over he lit up and yelled “Yaaayyyyy!” while clapping his hands. PRICELESS!

HMB_6377 HMB_6378 HMB_6380HMB_6202 

Happy Birthday to our precious precious, sweet number 5. You’ve brought more joy and spunk to our family than we could have ever imagined. We love you, Baby Blade!


We owe a HUGE Thank You to Amy Horton with Amy Horton Photography for coming to capture these memories on film while Bret and I enjoyed our party. Thank you again Amy, we love the pictures!!!

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