Thursday, April 7, 2016

It's Time For.......

I'm a little late to say the very least but here goes! We have just over ONE WEEK before our March for Babies 2016 Dallas walk!
For those of you who may not know, the March of Dimes has led the way to discover the genetic causes of birth defects, to promote newborn screening, and to educate medical professionals and the public about best practices for healthy pregnancy.

After decades of increases, the rate of premature birth in the United States has now been on a steady decline for the last several years thanks to the research funded by the March of Dimes. This decline – to 9.6 percent today – has saved thousands of babies from being born too soon. Despite this progress, about 380,000 babies are born prematurely each year... four of those babies belong to us which is why we are so passionate about helping make a difference!

Here is the question. How can YOU help? I've got THREE ways that each and every one of you can help us make a difference...

1) Donate. Yup, we are asking for your money. Plain and simple, without funding, these studies can't be done and we can't continue to help save babies like our very own. Please don't think that because you cannot give a large donation you shouldn't at all. Even $5 can help this great cause!

2) Walk with us! If you are local and are interested in joining us, let me know!

3) SHARE! Now this one everyone can do! Share this page on Facebook with your friends and family to help raise awareness. Prematurity, birth defects and infant mortality affect so many people and often changes lives forever.

Here is the link to our 2016 Team Page. Here you can register to walk, learn more about the mission of the March of Dimes and donate safely & securely.

Stay tuned! Lots coming your way including my first Guest Blogger - eeek!

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