Thursday, January 8, 2009

We're bustin' at the seams...

Not just my tummy but our house too!
Let me start by saying I feel pretty good! Everyone seems so surprised at how good I feel lately, how happy I am, and how well I'm still getting around. From what I hear at this point most pregnant ladies (or maybe just ladies with multiple buns in the oven) are not feeling so great and are grumpy and miserable. Don't get me wrong I deal with things like migraines, throbbing ligaments stretching beyond belief, having to pee eighty seven times at night and if these babies were closer to being ready to come out we would get the show on the road. I also realize and remember I wanted this, I prayed for this and thanks to God am blessed to go through these not so enjoyable changes in order to hold not just one but four precious babies in my arms.
Lately I have been feeling lots and lots of kicks, punches, rolls, you name it... it's very exciting! It seems the girls are WAY more active than the boys, they never stop moving. Today we had our 23 week appointment and the doctor reassured us the boys are fine and are kicking just as much I just can't feel them because of their positioning. The babies' fluids, muscle tone, brains, tummies, and bladders all looked great! Brody, our gate keeper, weighed in at 1lb 8oz. Baxlyn is the smallest weighing 1lb 3oz. Korbin and Kylee both weighed in at 1lb 5oz.

The past few weeks Bret and I (mostly Bret) have worked really hard on getting the house ready for the babies arrival. We have managed to rearrange the living room to accommodate the babies and all their accessories. We installed foam mats on the living room floor not only to protect the carpet but the babies as well. The furniture arrived last week and man it was a tight squeeze to fit two cribs and a dresser/changing table in each room, but they are super cute and I cant wait until the nurseries are complete!

Here's a sneak peek of their rooms!

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support

and will update you again after Tuesday's appointment!


  1. Lookin good mama!!!! I am super proud of you! Great weights for those babies by the way!!
    You are doing great.XOXO

  2. The rooms are beautiful! You look fabulous! I was much like you during my pregnancy & even went out to eat at Pappadeaux's on the day we hit the 29th week mark. I think I scared people that day! You have such a great attitude about it and that in itself will help your pregnancy be easier.
    I;m looking forward to seeing you on Tues!
    take care,

  3. Rooms are beautiful and you look awesome!! Glad you are so positive, that helps so much!! Keep us posted, we're all praying!
    BBGG Quads Born 8/18/08

  4. Hey Heather and Bret,
    I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to see them.
    See you Sunday at church.

  5. Heather,

    The rooms are soooo cute! Let us know if you need help with anything.


  6. It was always so fun getting rooms ready and just trying to picture having 4 babies to actually put in those carseats (sometimes after thinking about this, I'd start hyperventilating just a little).

    You look great and sounds like you have a wonderful support group. Use those quad mama's for all they're worth! They can give you incredible advice, suggestions, and answer LOTS of questions.

    Praying for you and your babies' continued health. I would like to add you to my blogroll, if that would be okay!

    Love from KS,
    Moni and the Graf Quads

  7. Heather and Bret -

    We just saw the article in the paper about ya'll and your new arrivals and have added you to our prayer list!! Congratulations to both of you...I know a little of the roller coaster ride on which you are about to embark! I am looking forward to keeping track of you on the site...again our sincere congratulations and prayers to you all!

    Cathy and Kevin Harris

  8. I bet that was fun being able to decorate two diff rooms for four little ones! :) How fun! The rooms look super cute!


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