Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hangin' On At 27 Weeks!

We had our 27 week appointment today. I was super excited to get out of my room longer than my usual 20 minutes, our appointment took a good hour and a half! First, an update on my iron level. Before it went up, it went down, BUT as of this afternoon it was at 8.2! The Dr. says I still need to be between a 12 and 15, but I have made progress thanks to my 3 iron pills a day and multiple hours of an IV pumping me with Dr. Pepper colored iron. They will take blood again tomorrow. Now for the information on the babies what you've all been waiting for and asking about... as usual they're HA-UGE! Kylee weighed the smallest at 2lbs 3oz (which is great, don't get me wrong). Baxlyn 2lbs 6oz. Korbin 2lbs 7oz. Brody....a whompin' 2lbs 11oz. Just to give you an idea on how that measures up to singletons at this point, Brody is in the 94th percentile and is measuring as if he's 28 weeks and 2 days. Judi, our talented photographer ;) couldn't believe it when she measured him. She insisted on remeasuring and measuring again to make sure she was reading it right. Kylee is the only one who actually measured their estimated due date of May 6th. Oh and remember all of the food I have eaten this past week and how i mentioned that I probably had gained like 30lbs in several days... yeah I weighed exactly what I did last week. CRAZY!

The nurses let Bret and I have a little extra time out yesterday too. He kinda wanted to see the
operating room... I hesitated at first thinking it might freak me out a bit, but agreed to stop by there. Our nurse hooked us up with scrubs and the appropriate gear to visit and we were on our way. It was pretty much what I expected to see bright lights and lots and lots of technical things and machines everywhere. They showed us where the babies would be transported immediately and explained how Bret would have to go back and forth between the two rooms to visit and take pics of all of the babies as they were being evaluated. Bret told me to just think about how the next time we're in that room our lives are going to change forever.... he's right... it kinda takes your breath away to think about and picture.

After our short visit to the O.R. we headed down to the N.I.C.U. to take another little tour and see the babies who were there. On our way we stopped at the nursery window to peek and there was a little new baby to admire, cute as can be. I think he (or she) might have been Hispanic or foreign... tan skin and dark dark thick hair, whatever his background he looked nothing like Bret or myself. As we stood staring in awe a group of people past behind us saying "Oh congratulations ya'll... aww....so sweet" (remember Bret and I were wearing scrubs at the time). After a second of confusion we explained our situation and that we were just trying to keep ours baking for a while longer and the nice people went on their way. We went back to looking at the baby in the window and here comes some more people, again seeing us in scrubs, "Congrats guys!". Bret and I laughed and rather than going through the explanation again and seeing more jaws drop to the floor we simply looked at each other, looked back at them and replied "Thhhannksss!!!". It was so funny :)

We finally made it down to the N.I.C.U. As Bret wheeled me in, the nurses all greeted us with smiles and said they were waiting for us and the babies... not wanting to see them just yet, of course, but anxiously waiting for their arrival. One nurse went behind the counter and pulled out 4 good sized note cards on which they had already preciously doodled each babies' name to go on their beds. It was so sweet, I started crying. It made being in there that much more real. I asked how they already knew their names, they said they had been following the blog. How they found out about it, I'm not sure, but it's pretty cool when the people who are going to help the babies through some of their toughest days are already taking the time to get to somewhat know them! We also got to see a little 2lb baby boy who was born at 28 weeks, although he was itty bitty he seemed too big to be in my tummy along with 3 others his size, just confirms how awesome God is and how amazingly designed our bodies are. Thanks again nurses for being so kind and already supportive!

Here are just a couple of pictures from the past few days. I apologize for not posting today's sono pics. I wish I could because we got some good ones today, but we don't have a scanner here, so it will be a few days before I can get them to someone who can scan them in for us.

Friends from High School: Tisha, Nikki, Myself, and Jamie.

Enjoying some Wendy's Sunday afternoon.


  1. I am so excited about how big they are! That is so awesome! We will bring all the kids to see you next wednesday!

  2. Hang in there Heather! Your spirit is amazing right now. We are praying for you!
    (Darby, Jay, Mackenzie, and Macie Bryant)

  3. Keep that spirit up! You are rockin this pregnancy! It's amazing to figure out what we're really made of and our husband's for that matter!! We're all special people and God has an amazing plan for each of us and each of our precious children!! Rock On Sista, Keep Bakin!!!!

  4. It's kinda neat that you've got almost celebrity status there at the hospital. Cause I tried to look in the operating room and I got scolded. hahaha I'm glad the iron's going up and I love our picture! We should take one after you have the kids with each of us holding one...that would be cute too. My family is thinking about you and praying for the babies. We'll be going to my mom's on Saturday so maybe we can stop by either on our way in or out. I'll call ya. Rest up and have a milkshake for me! - NIKKI

  5. Heather, have been thinking and praying for you, Bret, and those precious babies! Deanna in KC

  6. Hey All, it's Heather. I just wanted to say thanks for your sweet comments and prayers. I'm not totally sure how to reply to most of you, but wanted to let you know Bret and I read what you write and really appreciate it :)

  7. Oh my goodness! You are making me so nervous. I get real excited on Wednesdays to read the blog and see how your doctors appointment went on Tuesday. You are doing so good. They are getting so big! I have some things to donate to the babies but not sure if you need them or how to get them to you. Can you email me at wliebert@organ.org so I can so I can let you know what I have. Good Job on growing thos babies!

  8. Rob and Kathy GandyFebruary 6, 2009 at 12:36 AM

    You don't know us, but we have started reading your blog recently. We are SO happy for you all and we are keeping you in our prayers. One of our granddaughters was born the day her mommy reached her 27th week of pregnancy. That 2lb. 1oz baby girl has just turned 9 and couldn't be more precious or healthy. We thought you might like to hear what she was like as we saw her in her incubator on the way from delivery to NICU. She was just 12 in. long. She had/has beautiful red hair. It was curly when she was born, but isn't now. She had/has the most beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest face. When we saw her, she was lying on her tummy with her little legs drawn up under her chest. She was naked and her little hiney was sticking way up in the air. She was facing us and sucking her little thumb. Her eyes were open so big. She was looking all around as if she was saying, "Who turned on the lights?" It was such a breathtakingly incredible moment that we will never forget. Our son said that she was born with her eyes wide open, just as alert as she could be.

    The docs said that she would be in NICU for three months, but went home after 2 months at 4 lbs. Her mommy and daddy (our son) had to drive about 100 miles to get her home from the hospital. ( Our daughter-in-law hadn't been home since she was rushed (100 miles) to the hospital in an ambulance the day before little Abbie was born. Can you imagine how they felt, driving that far with such a tiny baby in a car seat that was made for fullterm babies? Abbie came home on oxygen and monitors, but did so well while she was gaining weight and getting strong. We know that every healthy baby is a miracle, but seeing our Abbie born so early made us SO much more aware of what a miracle it is. Our daughter-in-law had placenta previa and placental abruption from 19 weeks, so we could have lost both of them. She was on strict bed rest, in and out of our local hospital until she was transported to the nearest hospital with a special NICU.

    Our daughter gave birth to TWIN girls two years ago. She is 5'3" and felt like she was ALL baby! You are even smaller and carrying QUADS, so she will be blown away by your blog. Her doc chose to deliver her twins at 36 weeks, but she wasn't dilated at all. Baylee weighed 4lbs. 10oz and Brooke weighed 5lbs. 10oz . Baylee was "the gatekeeper"! =0} Now they are exactly the same height and weight and sure do appear to be identical twins. Our niece has twins girls who are 2 1/2. They aren't identical, but have been exactly the same weight and height since the day they were born. Our son and his wife had their second baby girl, this time FULLTERM, PTL, eleven weeks before our daughter's twin girls were born, so we were blessed with THREE new granddaughter in eleven weeks! It was so exciting! We can't imagine how all your parents feel, knowing that they will have FOUR new grandbabies in the span of a few minutes.

    Your nurseries are precious. You are such a cute couple. We are thankful for your faith in Christ. It is good to know that your babies will be raised in a Christian home. BTW, we think their names are beautiful!! Whata great idea to use all the grandparents' names for the babies' middle names!

    Well, you are probably glad that you DON'T know us! I've written a book! If you ever have time and would like to know more about us, we are RobandKathy Gandy on Facebook. (Be sure there are no spaces in 'RobandKathy'.) If you look at our family pics, little Abbie is the one with the straight red hair. We have ONE grandson (also a redhead) and SIX granddaughters, two of whom are redheads. Our daughter-in-law has beautiful red hair, too. She and her little Emma (2) both have curly hair, too. We are very thankful for our family. Thank you for posting your blog so that others like us can share in your joy. May God bless you all and your precious little ones. Rob and Kathy Gandy, Ada, Oklahoma

  9. uuummmmm is that a Lady Coyote volleyball shirt?? yea! You Melissa girls look great!
    Hang in there Heather & Bret! -- The Crawfords

  10. Congrats! Your hubby Bret is in my Monday night class. You are all in my thoughts! Hang in there!

  11. Hi Heather & Bret
    I just met your dear friends Bethany & Chris (I gave them George) and I just had to see your blog, You two are the cutest little couple and SOOO deserve this Blessing. My daughter is preg also and has only 3 weeks to go , the baby already weights 9+ lbs and her poor tummy looks like yours, I can't imagine 4 BUT what a true blessing from God. I will keep you and your beautiful little ( or big I might say) family in my prayers.


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