Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Visit From Santa!

The babies' friend Levi (or "Leli" as Baxlyn would say) came over a few weeks ago for a visit from Santa. Last years visit wasn't too bad but I figured this year they would FREAK. To my surprise it wasn't as bad as I was expecting! They sat at the door and waited and waited...

They all were nervous when Santa walked in, Kylee being the most scared :(
We let Santa hold Levi right away to show the others he was a nice guy!

I was surprised when Brody was the first one to warm up to Santa, after a good boot inspection Brody was convinced this guy couldn't be too bad!
Here's the Broman telling Santa all about his "DuDu". Yep, DuDu. Not Mickey. Not Mick. Not Mouse. Of all the things Brody could call Mickey, he chooses DuDu. Bret and I are hoping once he builds his vocabulary he will choose a more appropriate nickname for Mickey, until then it's DuDu (spelled with the "u" verses the double "o")!

Baxlyn warmed up shortly after Brody and sat long enough for a picture!

Korbin took a little more convincing. He too had to inspect Santa's boots and clothes. After a few minutes he crawled up and sat in the corner of the couch as far away from Santa as he could. As Santa dangled a candy cane Korbin slowly got closer and closer...

We all (including Santa) sang the chorus of "Hot Diggity Dog" and Korbin was all smiles!

Poor Kylee never really did warm up to the thought of a big man in a white beard holding her.

She did manage to give him a smile after he gave her a candy cane!

The official group shot...

Group shot minus Kylee plus Levi...
Thanks Santa for stopping by!!!

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  1. Santa in cowboy boots, love it.

    Korbin's face is too stinkin' cute. Great pics!!


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