Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rewind: Christmas 2010

We're finally on the mend around here, thank God! It's been a week of fussiness, fevers, medicines and snot. I have found myself caught up on dishes and housework and the laundry is well... moving, so I thought I would take a few to rewind and fill you in on our Christmas! With the babies being just under 2 (ohmygoodness!) Bret and I took it easy on the gifts, knowing they still didn't "get it". Christmas Eve after the quads went down, we lined up their little Disney chairs that had been waiting in the garage for some time. After several trips to Toys R Us, letting them rock in these chairs that were on display, and having to PEEL them out of them, we knew this is what Santa would bring this year. Disney Princesses for the girls and Mickey Mouse for the boys, of course!

Christmas morning the babies walked/crawled out to the living room to find their new thrones - they LOVED them! I even got in on video, hoping to put together a montage like last year, but this momma is short on time these days :( Brody, immediately seeing Mickey on the chair, with a smile on his face yelled "DuuuuDuuuuuuuu!" They each sat in their chairs and were as content as could be! Below is a picture of Kylee, in her princess chair, feeding her baby with her new baby bottle. ADORABLE!

After a good breakfast we loaded up and headed to Aunt Beth's to spend the rest of the day with family. Despite getting a fantabulous new camera for Christmas, I failed to take a lot of pictures... boo. With the babies into everything lately, it was a little hectic to say the least. Between the gifts, food, and biggest temptation of all, the Christmas tree, us adults were on guard all day long! Here's one of Brody eyeing out his first gift (diapers by the way - woohoo!).

Momma & Broman

Baxlyn Hope

Korbin and his new rocking horse!
I was a little surprised this year. I thought they would be a little more into the presents then they were. They just ran around enjoying all the extra attention and playing in the paper and bows! One would open a gift and they would be content and have no desire to open any more.

That is until they laid their eyes on this......
the REACTION D2 Duel Cyclonic Dirt Devil Junior
Yes ladies and gentleman, that was the most prized possession this year. It was originally bought for Korbin. The lil guy LOVES to sweep and help vacuum. Not really sure what all to buy almost 2 year olds for Christmas, this was a given and at the top of the list, we knew that much.
What we didn't know was that Brody was about to take a HUGE interest in this little bad boy as well. The girls took a look at the vacuum for a minute and were on their way but the boys FOUGHT and FOUGHT and FOUGHT and FOUGHT over this thing! It was crazy! We would have to separate them, leaving one on the other side of the house to vacuum in peace while the other was being distracted. Eventually the cool new toy had to be put up so we could enjoy the rest of the day in peace. Needless to say, there was a second trip made to the store as soon as it opened and we are now the proud owners of two Dirt Devil Juniors.
The rest of our day was spent eating, relaxing and enjoying our time with our special family! Hope you all had a great Chirstmas!

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  1. What a fun Christmas Day!! Looking forward to next year!!


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