Thursday, September 22, 2011

What a week...

Whew it has been a week that's for sure. I started a fitness camp on Monday with some of the locals. I've committed myself to waking up at 4:40am Monday through Friday for the next 6 weeks to have my rear kicked by a trainer in hope to get into better shape and best case scenario, lose a pound or two. Being in athletics all through high school as well as playing volleyball and cheering, I've had my fair share of workouts. It's been what...omg...8 years since I've graduated therefore have been in no "real" kind of exercise program in nearly a decade. Nice. Hopefully by the end of this 6 week program I'll consider myself, dare I As for this moment in time I resemble an 84 year old grandmother in need of her cane to get from point A to point B. My muscles are extremely sore and I've been reminded all week of just what a quad pregnancy can do to your once strong abdominal muscles. The quad's have two new words in their vocabulary "exercise" and "sore". Just this morning I let out a ridiculous moan as I sat bent kneeled FELL down to change Brody's diaper. He softly laughed and said "I sore!". I'll keep you posted on the whole workout thing.

As for the babies. If I truly thought they could, I'd bet they read this blog. I mentioned in the last post how we've had more good days than bad... why oh why did I put it in writing? I'm telling you, they can sense it. This week has been a rough one to say the least. I've been tired, sore, and a little stressed as we slowly approach the potty training stage and the little normal "2 year old" things they do have worn my nerves big time! I've captured some of their mischief on camera to share with you (and to show them when they get older and are blessed with 2 year old angels of their own).

I can remember when they were little, they couldn't even see what was on the tables or dressers, let alone reach for it.

Our first work of art on the wall by Mr. Korbin. As silly as it sounds, color time is stressful in our house. They fight over the crayons, they "hog" them (another new word in their vocabulary by the way) Kylee still occasionally eats one and on top of that drama I'm trying desperately to keep them contained so our carpets and furniture stay they color they are. This particular day they were in the table, I walked away for 4.8 seconds and come back to this...

Using more bins to their advantage... and yes that's a boy in a pink pull-up...Korbin, being a sweet brother, makes sure Brody is in on the action too. "There ya go BroBro, now reeacch, I got ya!"
The ball pit is the one thing I want to get rid of because it takes up SO MUCH ROOM but it's the one thing they play with every single day. Just this week they learned they could push and slide it away from the wall and learned some new, more exciting ways to play with it. Here we have Korbin ready to fly down the slide ON his truck while Miss B takes a leap from the couch behind him into the balls...

Oh and in case that doesn't make me nervous enough, Korbin, after successfully making several trips down the slide going forward decided it may be even more fun to go backwards... Each day that passes is just one day closer to the day you see a post about someones broken arm.

I'll end on a good note. Today I took them all to the local grocery store by myself STROLLERLESS! Like I mentioned above we're slowly entering the potty training stages and we ran out of candy (m&ms and skittles as rewards). It was morning, therefore the store isn't busy and we JUST needed a few little bags of candy so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give it a whirl. I loaded them up with their Monkey backpacks that also double as leashes, just in case. As we pulled up to the store, I was surprised at how all of the feelings rushed back from when I first started taking them out by myself when they were itty bitty. What if they make a scene and I look like a huge idiot in front of everyone for even trying this? I pushed the feelings of insecurity away, unloaded them one by one and strapped on their backpacks. We had a mob of people watching as I herded them from the car towards the door but we made it in successfully. The first thing they saw upon entering were mylar sports ball balloons hanging in the checkout lines "LOOOOONNNSS!! LOOOONS! BALLSS" they all yelled at one time causing everyone to turn and look. We continued towards the candy aisle and they listened pretty well. At any given time there was a total distance of 20 feet between the first one and the last one as they walked and gazed up at everything at the same time. I'd find myself yelling "Baxlyn slow down, wait for the others...Brody speed up...Kylee look out, watch where you're going!... Don't touch... This way this way!" I know people could hear me across the store and I lost count of how many times I apologized to people for the kids walking into them or their cart. Luckily we live in a small town and the employees of the store "know us" as do a handful of the customers. Everyone was very sweet and told the babies how good they were doing and how impressed they were with their good behavior. Needless to say I left feeling relieved and just a little more confident in my abilities as a Mom of multiples! As smooth as it went we have no intentions of letting go of the strollers just yet!

Until next time!

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  1. Wow good for you for starting to workout. I have twins and a 14 year old and still have a hard time trying to fit the whole workout thing in. Keep up the good work it is motivation!!!



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