Monday, January 2, 2012

Twins For A Day!

    My dear friend Bethany called me last weekend and asked if she could take Brody & Kylee off my hands for a day.  A few months ago she took Korbin & Baxlyn (shame on me for not blogging about it) and now it was time for the other two to have their turn! The difference from going from 4 to 2 kids is huge and I don’t realize how hard my daily life is until it’s altered and is made easier. Don’t get me wrong, I’d NEVER trade having qauds for “easier” but I do enjoy the break it offers every once in a while! Not only do I believe it’s good for me, but I think they all benefit from it as well. Very rarely are the quads split from each other and very rarely do they have an adult’s attention split in just two ways. Being able to split and spoil them is something I think all multiples need!dwb5I loaded up and met Bethany that morning to gladly give her two of my kiddos ;) Brody and Kylee were THRILLED that they got to go with her and Korbin and Baxlyn not so thrilled. Bethany drove away and Baxlyn cried “My Ky Ky, my Ky Ky!!!” I honestly didn’t think it would phase her or Korbin at all. Lately it seems like all they need is each other to survive! Below, Brody and Kylee gladly say goodbye!

dwb4dwb 1 Bethany took Brody & Kylee to see “Uncle Chris” at work!dwb2 Here they are at the grocery store! I can just about bet this was one of the coolest parts of their entire day…being able to sit in a shopping cart (and one with cool car seats at that)! They go grocery shopping pretty often but are always confined to the choo choo wagon or runabout stroller. Anytime they get a chance to sit in a single stroller or a grocery cart they are on cloud 9!dwb3   I took my duo back home to spend the day. Really exciting, right? Actually, it was.  Korbin and Baxlyn play SO SO well together so I knew they would enjoy it just being them for the day. Brody & Kylee’s personalities are quite different than Korbin & Baxlyn’s. Brody & Kylee have a much stronger need to be talked to, played with and constantly entertained where Korbin and Baxlyn can easily play together for hours not needing much additional attention. This boy/girl boy/girl split works out great for us!  My day was easy breezy and I got a ton done around the house. It’s seriously amazing what I could get done with just those two!

Being a mom of multiples I’ve been asked since they were born if any of them have special bonds. I never considered any of them having unique bonds until lately. Korbin and Baxlyn have always been dubbed as “Korbin & Baxlyn” just like “Brody & Kylee” are typically paired together because of the fact that they’ve always been side by side developmentally, since birth really.  Korbin & B started eating at the same time during NICU, they came off the vent together, came home together, crawled together, walked together…etc. Kylee & Brody’s timelines are very similar as well. Lately the bond between Korbin & Baxlyn has grown into more than just similarities because of developmental milestones and such. They play their own little games and are easily swept off into their own little world on a daily basis. They’re able to play together in ways that they can’t with the others, if that makes sense….? What Brody would think was being mean, Korbin takes as a joke and plays back kinda thing. Whatever it is, it’s amazing to me as their mother to sit back and watch as it develops right before my eyes. Here's Korbin & Miss B playing in their new kitchen they got from Santa! xmas2011 299

One big difference between these two and Brody & Kylee is that they’re getting to where they can sit and enjoy a movie (well a good chunk of it at least). They sat and enjoyed a nice peaceful mac-n-cheese lunch together while watching Dumbo for the first time (by the way, it had been years since I’d seen it and OMG, so sad!) Although separated and having a good time they CONSTANTLY talked about Brody & Kylee. Every once in a while they would tell me “BroBro & Kyky with Bethie?!” just to make sure. I heard them several times while in their room singing songs and exchanging Brody and Kylee’s names in random places… so sweet!

xmas2011 324   After lunch, BATH TIME! Again, doesn’t seem like anything special but remember they usually all bathe together. To go from 4 toddlers in a tub to just two is a huge change! xmas2011 351

It was all I could do to drag their little wrinkled bodies out of the bath, they could have stayed there for hours no doubt. They continued to play side by side throughout the afternoon…peace and quiet this mama enjoyed for sure! Love this shot below of Korbin making sure his hair was good and dried with the Dora hairdryer and brush lol!xmas2011 360  I know there are a lot of moms of multiples out there who have (an understandable) fear of splitting up their multiples, if that’s you, I encourage you to do it! You don’t have to send one or some off to grandma’s for the entire night or anything, just start small and separate them for just a few hours. You may be surprised at how much fun they (and YOU) have!

Thanks again, Bethany, for giving me a MUCH needed break. I look forward to more days with “just twins” ;)


  1. Sounds wonderful!! I find that it's even easier when there are just 3 to look after!

  2. My kids love it when one or two get special time out, we try to do it often. My mom also usually keeps 1, 2, or 3 of the kids one night a week & they love it (and so do we since its a little quieter at home those nights too) haha!


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