Friday, February 10, 2012

To my little (almost) 3 year olds…

You’re loud, sometimes fussy and often just plain annoying. You’re gross… all of you. You wipe your snot on my shirt. You wipe your poop on my walls. You find nothing funnier than when you fart on each other. You share already-chewed food. You lick each other as if you were dogs and, Lord knows, you’ve been known to eat weird things. 

You push my buttons. You step where I say don’t step,  say what I tell you not to say and touch what I tell you not to touch when you think I don’t see you.  You repeat things over and over and ask the same question repeatedly until I’m two steps from the front door of the nuthouse. I tell you not to yell and you yell even louder, just one more time. I ask you to look at the camera and you all look in different directions, away from it.

Nobody wants the certain toy until one of you heads towards it…somehow it becomes the most prized possession of the house. When one of you gets in trouble for climbing on the back of the couch the other three of you feel the need to do the same just to see what I do. You fight over what we have four of. You rip up your books, pull your clothes out of your drawers and you never fail to “accidently” dump water out of the bathtub.

What’s my point, you may ask? You are here. You are normal. You are healthy. You are thriving. You are strong. You each are the average toddler on the verge of being an independent, proud, confident three year old and I am



  1. I am rejoicing with you! My friend just had triplets and each of them were over three pounds!! They are all doing fine. God is GOOD! Amber is just now 14 weeks.....and ONE day pregnant with hers.... if we are counting and we ARE!

    Happy NEARLY three birthday to YOURS!!!

  2. Heather, this post was just great! I'm still cracking up!

  3. We are all so thankful & proud. This most definitely puts a smile on my face and a little tear in my eyes.
    Love, Mom (Nana)

  4. Thankful for my 4 beautiful, precious nieces and nephews! God has blessed us with the joy of these 4 little gifts!! Heather, you summed it all up in that last paragraph. They are perfectly normal and we would not change a thing! These are precious memories we will hang on to for years to come. Love you all! Aunt Beth/aka Sis

  5. Very well said! What a blessing to have 4 rambunctious little ones who are thriving! Let's just hope God keeps sending energy your way so you can keep up!


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