Friday, August 31, 2012

A day with the boys!

A while back Aunt Beth & Nana took the boys for a fun sleepover while Bret and I got some quality time in with our girls. This week, it was the girls’ turn to stay a full day and night with Nana & Aunt Beth while the boys got us all to themselves!

After dropping the girls off bright and early Bret, Korbin, Brody and I headed to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth for Brody’s annual appointment with his neurosurgeon (if you’re a newbie and don’t know the history click here). It’s a long drive anyways and when you add multiple car wrecks and TONS of traffic…ay yi yi. It took us nearly 3 hours before we finally arrived, but we did, and safely so I’m thankful for that!

The boys playing with the brand new touch screen games in the waiting area! 2012-08-30 10.55.53

Big man being a brave boy getting his arm hugged…

2012-08-30 11.05.25

Brody’s appointment went well and we’re super blessed to have gone 3.5 years with no shunt issues whatsoever. We went over the usual and all of the age-appropriate signs we should look for in the event a malfunction were taking place. Dr. Honeycutt did say he highly recommends adding a neurologist to our team of docs to help keep an eye on overall development so that will be our next goal.

I love the picture below of Korbin & Brody with Dr. Honeycutt.  I’ll never forget the bright and early morning of Brody’s surgery. Here we had three tiny babies far away in another hospital dealing with their own issues and my Brody lying in an unfamiliar place fighting for his own little life.  Bret and I were terrified but knew there was no other option than to go through with the surgery, praying for the best outcome and that the shunt could stop Brody’s swelling. Dr. Honeycutt came into the NICU, met with Bret and I and asked us a simple question that blew me away “Do you mind if I pray over Brody before I take him?”. My heart sank, I smiled, and cried as I stood in prayer with a perfect stranger for my little helpless boy. SUCH a great man and yet another doctor who will never know how much he’s appreciated.

2012-08-30 11.26.52

The boys in the elevator – the hot air balloons on the walls were “beeaauttiful!” as they’d say!

2012-08-30 11.30.58

After Brody’s appointment at Cheddars! We sat in a regular sized booth, high chair free, smiled for no pictures (besides this one, of course!) and answered no questions…bliss!

2012-08-30 13.28.59

After lunch we headed over to Toys R Us. It was EMPTY and we let the boys roam and play with whatever they wanted. We hit just about every aisle (multiple times). We tried on masks, rode (and crashed) on bikes, played musical instruments, pushed little shopping carts and doll strollers…etc. Having just two to look after is SOO much less stressful than when we have all 4. The freedom was a dream for them and we all enjoyed it!

2012-08-30 15.01.35

After Toys R US…Cabellas! Acres of boy fun…camping gear, fishing gear, hunting gear, stuffed animals and live fish…you name it it was there and the boys loved it!

2012-08-30 15.48.112012-08-30 15.26.56

SUCH a fun day for us as a little herd of just 4! Thanks again, Nana & Aunt Beth, for such a fun opportunity with our sweet boys!


  1. I am a lurker, I found your blog through some of the other quad mamas out there. I dont' know how you do it. Your children are so cute! I just wanted to come out of the shadows and say hi

  2. So thankful to God for allowing Dr. Honeycutt to be Brody's surgeon! I remember that day so well, it was the first time I'd seen Brody's complete little 4 lb. body and how beautiful he was (and still is!) Thankful that you all had a great time. We thoroughly enjoyed the girls as well! Love you all, Aunt Beth/AKA Sis


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