Monday, January 21, 2013

Facebook Funnies

I’ll admit I’m pretty addicted to Facebook. Being at home nearly 24/7 with 5 little people, Facebook has become my main connection to the outside world and it helps me keep my sanity on most days. I can keep up with old & new friends, read the latest news, who got kicked off the latest reality show, what sports team is winning and so on. It’s seriously just an endless resource of  both important and completely unimportant information. I’m sure those of you on Facebook have been seeing these little ecards going around. Having MANY mom friends on Facebook I see a lot of “motherhood/parenthood” type cards so I thought I’d share some of my faves that I’ve seen over the past couple of weeks. Enjoy :]

facebook_780760663ECARD 1

I cracked up when I saw this one below. That morning I came out of my room in jeans and a fitted t-shirt because I had a doctors appointment. Upon seeing me Korbin says “Mom, why you so dressed up?”



This is my all time favorite. Some of the most stressful times are getting everyone and everything ready to go somewhere… somehow they know how to make it just a tad more stressful ;)


For all my MoMs out there ;)


Happy Monday!


  1. Love those ecards :) thanks for sharing!! and i def love the one about how you can't be alone in the bathroom... what is being alone in the bathroom feel like again? LOL

    have a great week


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