Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Botox–Follow Up!

So it’s been two months since Brody & Kylee received their Botox injections. Many of you have commented asking about how well it worked and wanting updates on their progress. Honestly we can’t tell a huge difference. A difference yes, which is good, but not a HUGE difference. If insurance hadn’t covered most of the cost, I’d be reallly bummed. Kylee had received injections in her left hand as well as her leg. The Botox in her hand has helped with the tightness she had. Although she obviously still prefers her right hand and struggles with her left she is able to grasp easier and has better control over her thumb. She has slightly better range in her left foot but again, still struggles. Bret and I have noticed her right foot turning inwards now as well. Grr. Their neurologist recommends we do another round of Botox (expected. most kids undergo several procedures) next month only in her leg, in hopes to see even more improvement. They have also ordered X-rays of her legs/hips to rule out other issues that may be going on.

We’ve seen ok results in Brody as well. He’s still tight for sure but only tip toes on occasion. Before the injections, anytime he ran or even walked fast or with excitement , his hypertonia would kick in and he would go up on his toes. The Botox has made a difference there for sure, which is good. He too will receive more injections next month with Kylee. Lucky for Mom & Dad, insurance will cover 100% now – thank God for insurance is all I can say – holy smokes!

Blade went along for their appointment while the others stayed with Nana & Aunt Beth!neuro1neuro3

Mommy’s heartthrob. neuro4

Anxiety has really been setting in for Brody when it comes to doctors appointments. “What they gonna do to me?” Poor Buddy :( He and Kylee did great at this appointment. In a way I’m glad they both have some of the same issues, it’s a buddy to have along for the not-always-fun-ride. To my surprise they both weighed in at 35lbs! Kylee has just a smidge on Brody height wise, my tall girl!neuro5

For those of you who know Kylee, you know she remembers everything. The minute she saw Dr. Marks, she remembered, even though she was loopy at the time, that he came in to check on her after their procedures in February. She HATED that she had an IV in her arm and as far as she was concerned it was his fault. She looked him in the eye this week and said something like “Why you were there, when I drinked my juice and had a IB in my arm?” lol. neuro6

We don’t have a date set for their next rounds of Botox but are looking at sometime in May. We’ll keep you posted!


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  1. My 3.5 yr old son recieved 4 rounds of botox into his neck muscles to release the tightness from his torticollis. It took 3 years, but we are now done with botox and physical therapy!

    I hope your little ones have a great physical therapist to help with stretching to give the botox a boost! It made a huge difference for us!


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