Monday, June 17, 2013

Rewind–Preschool for Brody & Kylee!

I mentioned a while back that Brody & Kylee started preschool. They qualified for the PPCD class at our local elementary school due to health impairment/cerebral palsy/prematurity. The approval process is quite extensive and we got a start late so they only caught the last two months or so of school, which was a good way to ease us into the whole new world. They did great in school and loved every minute of it and Bret and I were happy as well. We had the opportunity to sit with their teacher, their principal, assistant principal and several other of the staff members to discuss everything about Brody & Kylee. From their issues in NICU to the long term effect it has had on them to their spunky personalities and struggles today, we covered it all! Much like their earlier days in ECI we came up with a game plan for each of them and set goals that we would all work on together, as a team, with Brody & Kylee. I was SO relieved to learn that they would work on things like putting on and taking off shoes, putting on/taking off shirts, climbing stairs, washing their hands properly…etc. along with basic learning like letters and numbers. I work with all of them at home on a regular basis but have a hard time teaching different kids in different ways to be effective with each one. We’re hoping that we can have PT and OT on board when they start in the fall which would only help even more. Brody and Kylee still struggle with tasks that their peers have had down for a while but are making process as time goes by!

Our sweet peas on their last day of school!blogschool1

A little hard to see but here is Mrs. K’s person and next to it, Kylee’s!sb7

Brody has very little  interest in coloring, tracing or writing at all. Creativity is not his thing. One task, specifically for him, was to draw a line between two given points as well as copy a “plus” sign. HUGE progress!sb8

At this age, if they all do the exact same task, color the exact same picture or do the exact same craft, Bret and I can tell you whose is whose (if they are unmarked) with almost 100% accuracy. Their little personalities SHINE when it comes to their artwork. Here we have Kylee on the left who completes the task, leaving a few blank spots and Brody on the right who glued a couple of pieces on his number 5 and called it a day… I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw these. Yes, that would be Brody!sb15

Kylee on the left & Brody on the right. They have stations at school and painting is a favorite for sure…sb9

Brody copying the letters to spell his name In lovesb2

One of my favorite things about them being at school is obviously the fact that I get a break. Not only is it such a difference having 2 less kids, but these two kids are the ones I need the break from. Forgive me if that sounds horrible, nobody loves those two sugar plums more than their Mama, but they require a lot of individual attention and it’s tough sometimes. I think the hardest part of school was getting them up so dang early. They only went for a few hours a day but waking them up at 6:30am was new for all of us. Despite being up super early, they were always full of energy and had huge smiles on their faces each time I picked them up. Every day Kylee would tell me that “so and so helped me put my jacket on!” “so and so helped me with my backpack!” “my friend helped me and lefty put on my shoe!” – the fact that she has made friends and that they happily help her makes me SO so happy. I can only hope kids continue to be sweet and helpful as they get older. Brody never talked much about “friends” at school. He was always in a rush to jump in the car to see his “Tug” (yes, that would be Blade’s nickname around here. Not t-u-g as in tugging on a rope, but “Tug” as in SUG-ar…does that make any sense at all?). Another one of my favorite things is looking at their folders each day. I’m like a kid on Christmas, seriously. I love seeing their work and the sweet notes their teachers leave me. This one brought tears to my eyes…sb1

While this one cracked me up. Inquisitive, yup, that’s Brody!sb12

They had a day during their last week of school where they had to make a hat to wear with a letter of the alphabet on it. We chose “B” and “K” for their names and decorated them with things that also started with those letters. They’re were so excited to wear them to school. Kylee ran around frantically before we walked out the door that morning “MOMMY! WHERE is my hat?!?!” not realizing it was on her head! Notice Brody’s overalls? He thinks he is one cool farmer in them Winking smilesb10

“K” is for Kylee, kites and kittens!sb11

“B” is for Brody, banjo, boots, and beans! –Shout out to Uncle Chris for the help on Brody’s sweet hat!sb14

I had to include this picture of the construction of Brody’s hat. Uncle Chris (seen on the floor carefully tracing Brody’s ahemunique head shape) is a perfectionist and wanted his hat to be just right! I’m not sure Brody understood exactly what was going on as his Papaw and Uncle Bradley held him upside-down! Oh gosh, just thinking about it cracks me up…his arms out straight to the side like that…bahaaa!brodys hat

Thought I would share some of their Teacher Appreciation Week gifts. In addition to a couple of small hand-made tokens of appreciation made by Brody & Kylee (which I forgot to photograph, shame on me) we sent along some goodies too! Although I wish I could take credit for these adorable gifts, pinterest deserves the recognition!

Chocolate chip cookies in a jar with a note that reads “Thanks to you…We’re Smart Cookies!”sb5

What teacher can’t use new pencils?! My favorite part is that this is CHEAP to do!sb6

Pinterest may get the credit for my homemade laundry soap, but putting it in a jar and tying a cute little measuring cup to it with a satin ribbon is allllll me ;) Props to my sister for the cute wording “We’ve had loads of fun in your class!”sb3

I added the recipe and directions on the back…sb4

These two amigos have had a blast having some alone time too. If you’ve followed our blog for a while, you know Korbin and Baxlyn have a special bond. That bond has no doubt strengthened since getting more time away from Brody & Kylee. They love their brother and sister, don’t get me wrong, these two have just clicked in a way that’s hard to describe. You hear about that “twin thing” that some multiples have and these two have it for sure. It’s bittersweet that these two don’t qualify for the PPCD/Preschool class. They have no concerns of major delay which is good, but they don’t get to join their brother and sister which is no fun. There’s a small teeeeeeeny tiny chance they will qualify for next year based on income to dependents in the household but we won’t know for another month or so. I am PRAYING that somehow we’re able to send them as well and will be forced to come up with something as an alternative if it doesn’t work out. Now that summer is here, Korbin just KNOWS he get’s to go to school when it starts up again….eeek. Fingers crossed, Buddy!blogschool3

Blade, Baxlyn & Korbin staying busy while the others are away. They all ALWAYS include their little brother. It is the sweetest thing. Whether playing “zoo” in one of the bedrooms or “camping out” in the playroom, they always want Blade right there with them!blogschool2

Here’s to hoping school stays this great as the years approach us!


  1. I am so happy to see they are doing well and enjoying school :) Everest too went to school this year, and his teachers said he has trouble with some things but he TRIES really hard at everything.
    I love to read all about your kiddos :) Hope you all have a wonderful fun filled summer!

  2. Sweet Sweet post!! Tears for Nana for sure! They amaze me as well as you do. There aren't many moms who can handle 5 children under 5 and still find time and energy to be as creative as you. Love, Mom!

  3. I found your blog a few weeks ago through an old post on Inspire. Two months ago my twins were born at 30 weeks and one has a Grade IV bleed. She is home now with me and doing well. Reading your blog about your two precious munchkins and how far they came certainly gets me through some of the rough patches and uncertainty. I hope she has as happy a life as your little two seem to have.

  4. Any time that I hear a mother declare that she NEVER needs a break and NEVER wants away from her children, I assume she is a liar.

    I love you for being honest and I completely understand what you mean about Brody and Kylee needing different attention than Baxlyn and Korbin. Every kid is different, sure, but kids who need the help that Brody and Kylee do is the sort of thing that makes you go AAAAHHHHH and that's perfectly understandable. It's good for them to go to school, it's good for you, and everyone's happy. I am a firm believer in sending kids to some sort of babysitter at least once a week just so Mom can get a break, so there ya go!

    You are an excellent mother, and I hope if I ever have children, I will be just as patient and wonderful as you are. I want you to know that I consider you a dear friend even though we have never met, and if I'm ever in your area, I may or may not come find you, and please don't think of me as being a stalker. More like a fangirl, I suppose. Just letting you know. I love you and your family dearly and keep you in my prayers.

    Also, Blade looks like Bret and it is absolutely hilarious because he's like tiny Bret and Bret is not tiny, and it's just funny to me. Like awwww, baby Bret


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