Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blade’s First Trip to Chuck-E-Cheese’s

We loaded up and headed to good ole’ Chuck E Cheese today with Papa and the kids had a blast! Despite it being summer, the place wasn’t crowded at all and we were some of the first ones there. At the quads’ age I would have never even considered taking them to such a germ infested place but thanks to Blade’s spiffy health I felt he had earned his first trip! No worries, you better believe we bathed in sanitizer several times ;)

My little dude had a ball and was such a trooper as he played right through his normal nap time! Love this little cheesy picture of him and his new friend – the hand on the shoulder was not staged, I swear!CC4

I somehow managed to get him to smile through an etch-a-sketch type portrait…CC6

Another big deal was that Brody & ESPECIALLY Kylee got up close and personal with Chuck E Cheese! Here they are when we first arrived, keeping a good distance between them and the terrifying mouse that Korbin & B so bravely rushed up to…CC5

Although Brody stayed back, Kylee joined her brother and sis up front and center to do the cupid shuffle with Chuck E Cheese! Those of you who know her fear of characters (Santa, Easter Bunny, Looney Tunes…the list goes on) know that this is a HUGE deal for her! When the song was over I watched her as she quickly but cautiously attempted to reach out and touch him as he walked by. You could almost hear the sound of her heart beat in her little chest she was so nervous! “Good Job Chuck-Eeeeee!” she yelled. So sweet!


Blade crashed just as the quads hit the ticket counter to buy their prizes – the sign of one good adventure!CC1

Stay tuned – his NINE month appointment – Thursday!

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