Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blade’s First Graduation!

Our Sweet Number 5 graduated from his DOC Band about a week ago – woohoo! He was in his band for just under 3 months and they flew by. Miss Kylee went along to help us celebrate :]grad2

My sweet boy and his first certificate!grad3grad6

Yay Blade! He’s a clapper as of about a month ago ;)grad1

Although I was very impressed with the technology Cranial Technologies used when the quads were in their bands, they’ve upgraded yet again and the imaging resources are amazing. This is just one of the many pictures we have of his DSI images, the left being before banded and the right picture now. When in the office, the pictures can be rotated together on the screen giving you a phenomenal look at every last angle of the baby’s head. So cool!grad4

Here’s some of our own before and after pics…banded2

one more before…


…and the best after I could get. This dude moves non stop these days! Huge difference and Bret and I are super happy we decided to band him. grad7

A look back at the quads’ DOC Band graduations. Baxlyn, Korbin & Kylee…bcd grads

…and our Broman after his long journey with his bands. Oh that hair!brody grad

For those of you that are the least bit concerned about your baby’s head shape, I encourage you to go visit our friends at Cranial Technologies. An evaluation is completely FREE and I promise you won’t feel forced to band if it’s truly not needed! We’ve been nothing but happy with the company and the results, well, they speak for themselves :)


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