Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Anxious and a little terrified… It’s Christmas Eve, y’all!


After being excited all day about Santa’s big visit, the tears started flowing at bed time tonight.

Apparently a big jolly guy sneaking into your house while you are sleeping is a little scary when you think about it long enough. Luckily there is strength in numbers. Together, snuggled closely on the floor of the boys’ room, they await Santa and his reindeer.

Merry Christmas Eve!!!


  1. It's terrifying! When in was little, my mom had the "great" idea that after Santa delivered the presents, he would come into your bedroom, and give you a kiss good night. You would know he had come, because Santa wears bright red lipstick (I know- ??????), so in the morning, we would look for the lipstick kiss on our hand, check, wherever. Worked well until I was in 1st grade, and learned about Stranger Danger. I quickly was beyond terrified that this strange man that I did not know was not only going to come inside my house, he was coming inside my BEDROOM, and was going to KISS ME! And my parents we're okay with that! My mom had to tell me the truth early, and promise not to tell my younger brother. Believe me- I understand where the kids are coming from! Merry Christmas from a longtime reader!

  2. Hope your Christmas was great and hope your New Year has started off great too. Sure miss your posts!


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