Tuesday, January 28, 2014

All About Blade {15 Months}

Our “Sweet Number 5” is fifteen months old now and growing like a weed! His personality is shining more and more as he grows and he’s a little fireball that keeps us on our toes at ALL times! He currently has 8 teeth (just cut a molar – ouch!), wears a size 3 shoe, size 18month clothing and is still rocking his blonde hair. Love this cheesy grin while sportin’ his nerdy glasses while waiting for the quads to get out of pre-k…ft12

As time goes on he gets closer and closer to his siblings. Brody, Baxlyn, Kylee & Korbin all do really well at playing with him and including him in their activities. Sometimes that means Blade ends up in a tutu and a princess hat drinking pretend tea from a Minnie Mouse cup, but for now, he’s totally fine with that!



There is a gate blocking off the quads’ rooms from the rest of the house to keep little mister from getting a hold of all those little choking hazards. Bouncy balls, plastic rings, little trinkets… if it will fit in his mouth he will gladly give it at taste. I swear Blade was built with radar able to detect when the gate or ANY door is left opened. In a house of four year olds (with major selective hearing) doors are left open all.the.time. Baxlyn has always been a huge helper with Blade, especially in this area. She’s always been the one who was able to gently lift and slide him out and away from whatever he was getting into. These days, I’ve caught her several times attempting to beat Blade to a door or other “nono” only to see her be taken down by him in a matter of seconds. She still outweighs him by a few pounds but the dude is strong and can put up a fight for sure!

His favorite thing to get into, I think I mentioned it before, the TOILET. Just the other week he had been missing all of about 41 seconds so I went looking for him. The guest bathroom door was shut, as it should be, so I passed by it knowing he wasn’t in there. I checked the boys room, no Blade. Checked the girls room, no Blade.  Playroom, nope. Kitchen, not there either. A little confused I went back to the closed bathroom door and opened it to find this…

ft9 The quads’ had plenty of bathroom invasions when they were this age (their first act of teamwork seen here) but somehow between the four of them, they always avoided the toilet.. perhaps that’s because there wasn’t a herd of four year olds around to leave the doors open and toilet lids up! Blade is making up for all of that, completely! Here he is, again, caught red-handed…


 Our big man still takes 2 naps a day and sleeps 12+ hours each night. Like the quads were as babies/toddlers he is on a pretty strict, predictable schedule. One thing has always been sure for my kids is that they NEED their sleep. When it’s time to sleep it is time to sleep and he must have his bed, pronto! When it’s time for nap, Blade gladly takes one of his 24 little blankets and heads to his room. We’ve always laid him down awake which has TRULY paid off. We love being able to kiss him goodnight and have him go down (most nights) with a smile as he puts himself to sleep. He still eats just about anything and has a great appetite, too. I  have always been a MAJORLY picky eater myself so it’s crazy to see my kids chow down on things that I wouldn’t even dream of eating. When we order pizza, its the kids who eat the supreme while Mama enjoys the traditional cheese or pepperoni! That being said I’m glad they eat a healthy variety and a lot of it, even if it means our grocery bill is hard to look at.




Blade doesn’t have much of a vocabulary yet, which I’m totally fine with – no rush, buddy! His first word and favorite word to say is “Uh-Oh” but he pronounces it “Ahhh-oooo" and he says it over and over really fast. He will walk around the house “Ah-ooo-Ah-ooo-Ah-ooo-Ah-oo” SO FRIGGIN CUTE! While sometimes he says it just to talk he uses the phrase appropriately when he drops his food, purposefully of course,  onto the floor at dinner time. The only other thing he says (that has meaning) is “Da'”. He LOVES his Daddy… almost too much lol. I love watching Bret come home from work and then watching Blade as he unexpectedly lays eyes on him. He starts with a huge smile and a fast waddle towards Bret, says “Da! Da! Daaa!” and then proceeds to BAWL as if he’s been reunited with the love of his life after being apart for years. Quite the emotional thing, I tell ya, and repeats itself every single day. We signed quite a bit when the quads' were babies. Although I haven’t been as adamant with the signing with Blade, I have introduced a few to him. The one he has picked up on and uses on a regular basis is “more”. Obviously a good one for use at meal times ;) Below is a picture I snapped at Target last week. He saw a tall, bald man from a distance and just KNEW it was Bret. Poor buddy yelled “Da… Daaa!” over and over only to have the man completely ignore him and leave the store. If only we could know what he was thinking at that moment!

blade Da

Slowly but surely Blade is starting to take after his siblings. He’s starting to help pick up toys and put things “in” when asked. Sure, he dumps everything out after completing the task, but he’s learning :) He has also started throwing away his diapers. He loves to pick up the old diap, march to the laundry room and put it in the trash can. That being said, we’ve found many other non-trash items in the trash can as well but that’s ok! Blade also recently learned to use the stick vacuum that the quads use on a daily basis (speaking of it, thanks Hoover, for sending me the ‘thank you’ package I received in the mail last week!). He’s not the most efficient but you’ve gotta’ start somewhere! At almost five years old, the quads are just starting to realize that vacuuming is work. While they usually don’t mind, I am starting to get the occasional eye roll when I ask one to vacuum and rarely do they fight like they used to on who “gets” to vacuum. Those sweet days of thinking chores are privileges  are coming to an end. Luckily Mr. Blade is following right behind them and can live it up when asked to vacuum ;)

blade vacuum


My sweet boy and I got our very own date just the other day to visit Dr. Reyes for his 15 month check up. Here he is enjoying the van ALL to himself as he waves to me from the back seat. Hellloooooo back there, Bubby!


 Rockin’ back and forth on the little horsey in the waiting room. The germaphobe in me cringes to think about how many (some sick) kids touch that thing each day. I’m realllly hoping it’s wiped down multiple times a day...eww.

ft5 I love this one of him standing on the big boy scale for the first time so proud of himself…

ft6 In the short amount of time we waited for Dr. Reyes to come, Blade managed to make it look like a tornado had hit the place. He nearly emptied his diaper bag, climbed up & down off of the exam table a few dozen times and shredded the white paper that was tightly stretched over the table.


He showed off his baseball skills as he played a little ball with Dr. Reyes before starting his check up – so sweet :)



Blade’s 15 month stats:

Weight: 27lbs (80%tile)

Height: 32 1/2in (86%tile)

Head Circ: 18 1/2 (45%tile)

Overall a very happy, very healthy baby growing right on track and hitting his milestones within average time frames! We are so thankful to be blessed with such an incredible little dude <3



  1. Sweet Blade! You are such an added blessing to our family! Love you so much! Aunt Beth (AKA Sis)

  2. He is so cute and looks SO big when standing next to the others hahaha! Thank you for updating, my family loves your blog and keeping up with your family.

  3. So sweet! Love he's a big boy that gives his older siblings (and momma!) a run for their money! :)


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