Monday, August 18, 2014

A Goodbye Swim & Walk down Memory Lane with the Tew Triplets!

If you’ve followed our blog for any time, you’ve probably heard about our MANY adventures with the Tew triplets! Angela and I met through our local Moms of Multiples group when our kiddos were just babies. After a fun five years, sadly our Tew friends said goodbye and left Texas for the beautiful beaches of Florida. So sad to see them go but so glad their Mama is spending her days on the beach where she has always longed to be! The Tews came over for one last get together before they left. Thanks to the many blood, sweat and tears of my husband, father-in-law and uncles, we have a new pool and spacious deck to enjoy with our friends and family!

Brody, Korbin, Everett, Kylee, Emerson, brother Britton, Emmett & Baxlyn

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 I am so SO incredibly sad to see these sweet kiddos’ mama go. Angela has been a crutch to lean on during the day’s of motherhood I don’t think I’ll survive, she’s been there for late night phone calls and texts of pure frustration if not to lend some good advice, to let me know I am at least not alone. Raising high order multiples is SUCH a challenge not just any mother can understand and she and I have been through thick and thin. Whether figuring out how to shove 9 choo choo cars and 7 babies on the world’s smallest elevator, working together to change 7 diapers in the middle of the Dallas zoo because they bathrooms were too small, trying to keep clothes on toddlers who insist on being naked, potty training, dealing with hurtful comments from strangers in public or prepping for KINDERGARTEN much of the reason we are where we are today is because of the bond we have as mothers. Together we have conquered some amazing tasks and have learned so much in the process. Angela, thank you so so much for your friendship. No amount of miles can keep us from being friends and don’t think for once that those beautiful waters in Florida will keep me from seeing you ;)

A look back at some of our fun times together with the Tew family…

Chuck E Cheese. That big, scary mouse never saw us coming ;)

tew trips1

One of our mannny trips to the zoo. Ahh the easy days of the choo choo wagons!


Their first egg hunt. Angela got the job of quickly searching for safe treats and distributing them to the 14 little hands grabbing at her…


Here is the picture of our elevator adventure. Two moms with 7 two year olds and a 4 year old. We had to get to the second floor and this was the only way. We managed to get all of the wagons and myself in this TINY elevator on one trip while Angela stayed down with the 8 non-contained kids and waited until the elevator returned. FUN TIMES!


Another sweet moment from one of our zoo trips. Her boys all had a thing for Kylee <3 


You can imagine we caused a scene every where we went. This was one of the worst. We used to feed all the babies in their wagons (picture two moms hunched over, waddling from one baby to the next with spoonfuls of applesauce and bananas). While prepping their lunch we look up to see this crowd with cameras in hand snapping pics left and right. A tad bit upset, you can see I didn’t hesitate to whip my camera at and take pictures of them. While we’re on the subject, it’s very disrespectful to take pictures of other people’s children, ESPECIALLY without asking.


Riding in the March of Dimes Dallas Parade. Helping raise awareness for preemies like themselves!


A snack at the Dallas Arboretum!


tewtrips4 Their first sleepover/week! The trio camped out at our house while their parents enjoyed a special getaway! We were just barely moved into our new house and I was 6 months pregnant but we all survived with lots of giggles!




It’s always a huge deal when the place you’re at has enough high chairs for you and your friends!


Chris and Angela, we love you and will miss you and your crazy crew! See you soon, our tan lil’ Florida friends!


  1. And I'll never forget the Dec. 2013 Ice Storm while you and Bret were keeping the Tew Triplets for a week and your power went out! You all (2 adults and 8 kids under 5 years old) stayed with us for 31/2 days! It was crazy, but I'd do it all over again!!! It was a blessing!

  2. Beautiful memories but you forgot to mention when you were keeping the triplets for a week last December! The day they came we were getting one of our worst snow storms. Your power went out about 4 o'clock the next morning and was out 4 or 5 days. It was dangerous to get out on the roads but you didn't have much of a choice so all 10 of you came to our house. We cleaned out the freezer and had plenty for everyone. It was a great memory to talk about.

  3. I just adore this post. I imagine you all had quite a bond.


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