Saturday, October 4, 2014


 Our fab four have been in Kindergarten for just over a month now and are LOVING it! They’ve adjusted so well to their new no-nap schedule and are learning new things each day. They look forward to going each day and love their teacher – what more could I ask for?!  Brody Kinder 2014Baxlyn Kinder 2014Korbin Kinder 2014Kylee Kinder 2014I wake them at 6:30am and after a full day of school, therapy (twice a week) and horseback riding lessons (once a week) they are all more than ready for bed by 7pm. After lots of discussion with their previous teachers and our school principal (who has triplets!) we opted to keep all four of them together this year, in the same class. So far, just like last year, their teacher says they’re doing great, sibling-wise, and are having no issues in class. (For those of you wondering, it is a state law in Texas that multiples can not be forced to separate in school.) They are all meeting friends within their classrooms and on the playground, which they share with other classes at the same time. Each day when I pick them up, they’re talking a mile a minute before they even climb up into the van. “Mom, today I met another girl at the park” “Mrs. So&So caught a TOAD-FROG!” “So&So said she would be my BEST friend!” “I drew you a picture!”…on and on! I LOVE that they LOVE it! Academically, we have a few that are still adjusting but they’re in such a great school there’s no doubt in my mind they’ll each thrive :) I’ve heard so many good things from different teachers and staff about how well behaved they are and how they adore their sweet personalities, especially Brody’s southern drawl. Either they’re stealing the hearts of those who work with them or the staff is just really nice to us parents…either way, I’ll take it ;)

They were asked by their school to come and lead the city in the Pledge of Allegiance at this year’s first school board meeting. It was such an honor to have our babes be a part of the night. The building that they now use for the board meetings is the same building that was both the computer lab and library when Bret and I were in in Jr. High. It was surreal to sit in that tiny building remembering what it was like back then and then watching our kids stand there today. Here they are below L-R Korbin, Brody, B & Kylee. You’d never know by the picture that Baxlyn had been diagnosed with strep throat an hour earlier. I assumed it would be a matter of days before they were all down and out with strep, but to my surprise it didn’t spread! B was home for two days per doc’s orders and then was good as new. Let’s just hope we can be that lucky as we continue through RSV season :/

quads say pledge

I’ve been asked by many what I am doing now that they are in school. Let me say, Kinder could not have come at a better time. I didn’t realize just how hard it was to stay at home with them 24/7 until I didn’t any longer. Blade and I, along with a sweet 3 month old baby boy named Luke, play and enjoy our (somewhat) quiet house. Because I wake Blade so early to take them to school, he goes back down for nap at 11:30 and sleeps until it’s time to go get them. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me :) As you can imagine, it’s been much easier keeping up with laundry and housework too! I’ve also been able to commit more time to our local Moms of Multiples group as well as take on the roll as Room Mom in the quads’ class.

I can only hope they continue to love school as much as they do now and continue to thrive!

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  1. It's wonderful to have that down time for yourself. It's even more wonderful to do it knowing your babies are having the time of their lives. I'm glad to hear they are all thriving in school. They are so cute!


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