Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kylee: 2 Months Post-Op!

Our sweet girl had another follow up today with Dr. Mayfield! For those of you who missed her 4 weeks post op post which included some amazing before and after pictures, click here! She had a major case of the giggles today with Dr. Mayfield…

kylee 2mos PO dr mayfield 

Her incisions are looking great and are healing nicely. She’s been cast free for a month and boot free for about 2 weeks now.

kylee 2mos PO2 kylee 2mos PO3 

Kylee has resumed her twice weekly physical therapy and her WONDERFUL therapist is doing a great job at helping Kylee adjust to her “new foot”. Having nearly never put weight through her heal or walked in what’s considered a “natural” position, it’s taking some getting used to. We’re currently working on major stretching and walking heel to toe, especially on that left leg/foot. Kylee was also released to participate in PE and recess again at school – yay! For now, she doesn’t have to be fitted for a new brace, which is also great news for her! She’s THOROUGHLY enjoying being able to wear her cute boots which she was never able to do wearing a brace!

We’ll go back in two months for her next check up and update then!

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  1. Yay Kylee! I'm so happy for you sweetie! Love you! Aunt Beth (AKA Sis)


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