Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Family Pictures at the Park!

OK.... we attempted anyways! It's impossible to get a good pic with 4 babies... ones screaming, ones puking, ones sucking another ones elbow...etc. (The babies are a little less chunky in these pics because they were taken about a month ago!) Anyways, here's what we managed to get...

Everyone grab a baby...

Grandma with Korbin & Me with Bro-man and his wild hair!

Dad juggling the girls!

We thought we would get one of those cute - camera looking down on us in a circle pics - .... chyea right!

Trying to get the girls to stop crying.
Did I mention it's not easy getting 4 babies to cooperate for the camera???

Bret and Kylee

One group photo and we called it a day!

I have hope that photo sessions WILL get easier :/


  1. The family picture in the black and white is adorable! I love pictures where the parents are looking at the babies!

  2. Cute photos!! I would love to tell you they get easier... and they kinda do (great time is when they can sit up on their own but not crawl). Once tehy are good at crawling, FORGET IT! I am told we can get another good family photo when they are 2.5 years :) Lots of distractions is the key :)
    They look great, so do you guys!

  3. These are great! And we finally got our picture on the blog. Love Mom

  4. Photos will surely get easier when the babies are mobile.....not.

  5. The black and white one looks good enough to me! :) And girl you look amazing for having 4 little babies! :)


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