Monday, June 15, 2009

A Heart Attack For Mommy...

Well well well (sigh). Last night was a bit of a nightmare. I left the house to go have a night out playing volleyball while Bret stayed home with the babies. Ten minutes or so after I left Bret called and I prayed he was playing some kind of sick joke when he said frantically "Heather come home. Korbin is not breathing... he's blue....". When I realized he was serious as you can imagine I was terrified, my stomach felt as if it fell to the floor and my heart was racing. Sure our babies have dealt with scary stuff before but not without being inches away from even life support if needed and being under (for the most part) control of the neonatologists.
I called 911 and took the next exit to head back home. By the time we (myself and the ambulances) got their Korbin had started breathing again and his color was back. Bret said it was 1-2 mins he had not taken a breath. He had only gotten .25cc of his prevacid (reflux med) when he started to choke and wasn't able to grasp air or cry. I rode along as the paramedics transported him to the ER for x-rays and other tests to make sure he didn't have fluid in his lungs or cause any serious damage. After 4 long hours of being watched in the ER they admitted him for the night. Several of the neighbors came over to watch the trio so Bret could get to the hospital after the 8pm feeding (THANK YOU!). It was comforting having the NICU nurses check in on us and walking onto the pediatric floor and knowing the nurses behind the desk. Korbin did great all night and did nothing to concern the doctors. He had blood drawn and a "swallow" test done today and everything looked perfectly normal. He gets a little choked up often, but nothing too bad that he can't overcome himself or with a little stimulation from us. This time it just happened to be a choke bigger than he could handle. Lately I try to find the best in every situation... I got to spend "alone" time with just Korbin all night and most of the day today. Anyways he is fine now. Thank you Jesus... (another sigh).
On a lighter note, here are a few pics from this weekend of Bret and I with some of our favorites!
Mason an Chris (Yes these are bumbos on their heads. Until the babies can sit up in them, helmets they will be!)

Feeding time! Notice my arms are EMPTY!

Short post for today. I'm EXHAUSTED and need to get to bed! Lots of appointments this week. More updates shortly!


  1. Phew! SO glad everything's okay. I can't imagine how scared you must have been. Praying things are smoother from here on out.

  2. What a scary episode for you, So glad everything was fine.

  3. Bless your heart!! You should get three nights in a row of volleyball after that! Poor Brett though, I know he had to be terrified as well! Seeing your baby blue is one of the scariest things ever!

  4. WOW, I am glad that everything is okay! That is a blessing! I met you in Dr. Leveno's waiting room. We live right around the corner from you guys! Anyway, you guys are in our prayers!

  5. Glad to see my husband isn't the only one who wears a Bumbo helmet.

  6. How scary about Korbin! I'm glad all was well w/ him though! It's nice to see pics of you with your hands empty and lots of help involved! I'm sure you need it from time to time. :)


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