Friday, August 7, 2009

A few more firsts!

Hey everyone! Update on the helmets. Good news is we got approved for the second place we went, Hanger Prosthetics. Bad news is they have never put a helmet on a baby with a shunt before. It was so hard making the decision to let Brody have the helmet in the first place so by all means we want someone to fit him who has experience in working with shunts. We called our insurance again and explained we were not comfortable with the idea and strongly preferred the first place, Cranial Tech. Potential good news, looks like they are going to make an exception for us! Not 100% yet, but it looks good. Soo for now we wait some more.

The babies have really found each other the last week or so, especially Korbin. He will GAZE into the other's eyes and smile and coo like there is no tomorrow... it is soo cute! I can't help but wonder what they think... do they "know" each other or are they just more faces to look at? They are doing better in their bumbos and are tolerating 2-3 minutes at a time now which is still not much but definite progress. Won't be long (hopefully) and we will be looking down on perfect little round noggins!

All eyes on Brody & Korbin hamming it up!

Our 40 Fingers & 40 Toes :]

Don't think I mentioned another first that should be recorded on a previous post. My phone rang while I was at VBS last week and it was Bret "Guess what just happened..." I thought oh great what's going on... "Baxlyn just rolled back to stomach!". I was glad Bret finally got to see something for the first time! She had not done it since that night. I went into her room yesterday morning and this is what I saw.
She had flipped and let me tell you the girl was OUT OF IT! I touched her back thinking it would startle her a little bit - nothing. I said her name softly - nothing. Touched her cheek - nothing. By this time I was a little freaked out but after almost yelling her name her eyes popped right open... crazy girl! She was the only one without the Angel Care monitor at that point, but she sure has one tonight! Looks like I will be bustin' out the breathable bumpers this weekend.
We had another first this week... well two actually. Wednesday the babies went to Grandma and aunt Beth's house for the first time (yes they have been that sheltered)! Then Thursday their first indoor restaraunt On The Border! I have mentioned before that I am terrified taking them places becasue of the scene it makes even with calm sleeping babies. They always do well if being strolled around so I was nervous about actually sitting still will them. We called ahead of time to give them a heads up that we were coming, went at a slow time of day, and requested to be seated away from others if possible and the staff did a good job a accomodating us. The babies did wake up the second the car stopped but stayed perfectly calm once we got inside. Ok well Baxlyn had a little meltdown and got to sit in mom's lap for a while, but one out of four isn't bad! Notice my guardian the sanitizer bottle right in front of the babies... haha

Some long overdue pics to be posted! These pictures were taken by Alexandra Furstenburg with Furst Fotos. Thank you so much Alexandra for taking the time to come to our house and capture these awesome pics! We look forward to meeting with you again!
The Bro-Man
Mr. Korbin
... and his monkey of course.
The girls totally excited about their first tea party!
Calm down girls, you might spill...
To learn more about Furst Fotos and to see more of Alexandra's work click here!


  1. Those pictures are so adorable. I love them. What great news to hear about the helmets. I hadn't really noticed their heads until you posted the picture from up top. Hopefully, they will get the helmets soon and will have round noggins!

    Thanks for the update and congrats on going out to eat!

  2. Awesome about the helmets!! And those pics are TOO cute!!!!

  3. Awesome news about the helmets! I hope they're able to get them soon! Cute pics! And yay for an outting to OTB w/ the 4 of them in tow. ;)


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