Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Rolly Polly!

Hope everyone had a great week, I sure did! I got a much needed break every evening this past week to go to church and help with Vacation Bible School, one of my favorite things. Can't beat loud music, crazy dance moves, lots of sugar, and seeing God work in the hearts of those around you! On Wednesday the babies got to spend time with Robin, one of their nurses from the NICU, while Bret and I went out for our anniversary. It was great we got to see a movie (first since the babies have been here) and I got to CHOW DOWN as planned at On The Border! Thanks Robin :]
Update on cranial helmets. UGH. The first place we had gone to that was denied by insurance agreed to lower their price to $2000 per helmet. Yeah, still not happening. We took the babies to another place on Monday and we are still waiting on insurance to give us a yes or no. Meanwhile Kylee's head shape has improved slightly! Thanks to all of the therapy and torturous stretching, she is now looking to her left while she sleeps therefore "reshaping" her head! Hopefully we will hear something soon as far as insurance, time is a BIG factor at this point as their heads are less and less moldable as they grow. We will keep you updated.
Speaking of Kylee, the girl rolled over yesterday (7.31.09) from her stomach to back for the first time! I (for some reason?) flipped her over right after to snap a congratulatory pic! YAY Kylee!
"What. The Heck. Did I just do?!"
"I am big Mommy!"
"Excuse me Korb.. Baxlyn... did you see me? I can roll too!"
We ventured out to target today to grab a few things, but mainly for sanity reasons. Getting out of the house is a must for us and the babies need to see something other than our four walls and/or people in scrubs. I'm still not used to going into public with the babies. The only other place we have taken them is Babies R' Us. When pulling into the parking space today I asked Bret if he was scared to death, which he wasn't, but I was for some reason. My heart literally pounds at the thought of walking into a store with all of them. I can't describe how strange it is to have so many people "Oooing" and "Awwing" and "Holy... 'ing" when seeing us. Our situation seems normal to me when were at home of course, but every time we venture out I am quickly reminded we are anything but "normal". One statement I have heard A LOT is "Oh you poor thing!" "Oh I feel so sorry for you...". These people are dead serious too. If I could only take a few hours or days of their time to explain to them the feelings of not knowing if you will ever have a baby and tell them about our journey through the NICU and about how my babies literally fought for their lives, and won. I can't help but feel unbelievably blessed to have all four with us today. Unfortunately I can't explain that to everyone, so I simply reply "We wouldn't change it for the world!". It just amazes me how some people see it as a burden, that's all.
L-R Kylee, Korbin, Baxlyn, BrodyI'm thinkin' we might need to invest in a few more mirrors!

Hats! Hats! Hats!
One of the NICU nurses knitted little hats and matching blankets for the babies right before they were discharged (Thanks Mary!). I had to get a picture before they outgrow them. Obviously they were not so thrilled at the idea to begin with.
Brody & Baxlyn
These are a few given to us by the Gerwer Quads.
L-R Brody, Baxlyn (she's under there!), Korbin, & Kylee

I love this pic of Baxlyn! No clue what was so amusing to her at the moment!

Brody and his oh so serious look!
Last but not least, an update on Korbin and his GI appointment. We did see another doctor for another opinion on his choking/turning blue/scaring mommy and daddy half to death episodes. Basically he has "bad" reflux is what we were told, that doesn't come all the way up. He was given another prescription to help. So far so good. We also got these Angel Care monitors that I TOTALLY RECOMMEND. I wish we had heard of them sooner, we would have been getting really good sleep when they first came home. Our developmental pedi called and told me about them and we ordered them that day. Basically they're these monitors that have a pad that go under the babies' mattress that alarms if there is no movement for more than 20 seconds (they stopped breathing, are taken out of their/have climbed out of their crib). Talk about peace of mind! I'm loving it! Like I said I totally recommend them to any parent, especially of preemies who don't come home on monitors or that have breathing/reflux issues.
Korbin at the doctor enjoying mommy all to himself!

Until next time!


  1. Thanks again for pointing me to your blog through the preemie support group! I love seeing the pics of your cuties! I marked your page and will check back often to see how they are doing.


  2. They are way too adorable. I could just squeeze those cheeks they all have. You would never know how little they were looking at them now. My son was preemie and spent time in the same NICU as the babies. He was born at 3 lbs 6 oz. Still at almost 13 he is little.

  3. Look at those cute lil chunkers! Oh, and by the way...some people wouldnt' know a blessing if it came up and bit them on the leg. And if it makes you feel any better, I get anxious about taking my three anywhere...especially alone. Do you know how many looks I get because I look so young? Once, I was at walmart with Chase, and the cashier asked me how old i was. I told her and she said "Oh thats good. I think its just so wrong how the girls these days are having kids younger than your age." If only she knew i had two more at home...But she had no clue that I was happily married and doing as well as we have. Geesh...

  4. I love all the pictures! I'll be praying your insurance doesn't get turned down with the new company! I can't imagine going out to Target or any other store for that matter with the babies. Well I can at this moment because haha I'm still carrying them! :D Once they're born though I don't know how I'll take someone telling me how they feel sorry for me.

  5. Love the pics! The trips out do make you snap back to reality that we're not "normal." But I love our normal! 4 is normal for us now!! My least favorite things said are.... Two set of twins? Yeah, moron, that's what they are! (I really don't say that back, but I sure want to!!) You have your hands full. To which I reply, And My heart is too! Love Ya!

  6. Thanks for sharing all of the great pictures of the babies. It looks like they are growing by leaps and bounds. Sometimes I wish that people would think before they speak or just don't speak at all. :0 Four beautiful babies are a true treasure and a gift from God.

  7. There's another blog mom w/ twins who had insurance probs w/ the cranial helmets. Her name is Ginger, in case she has any advice on insurance denials/appeals. Her son is further along in the process, so she may have some words of wisdom....

  8. heather its jessica from church! The pics are so cute!

  9. Cute cute! They're all getting so big and their looks have changed alot! And it's so rude of people to just assume that many babies is a burden! They might be a handful at times, but I know you love each and every one them! I'm sure it's been a rough journey to go through at times, but it's sad to think people honestly look at babies as burdens. I like the way you reply to those rude people, nicely but stating a good point. :) Oh and I'd totally be scared going to the store w/ 4 babies! I get scared taking my two kiddos at once. LOL

  10. Is Scottish Rite a possibility for help with the helmets?


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