Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Look Out World... We Got New Wheels!

So last week there was a few large boxes on the porch, I love when there's a box/boxes on the porch, it's like Christmas! It just happened to be our new freakmobile circus on wheels stroller... ahh yes that's the word I was looking for!

While pregnant, I swore I would never have a Quad Runabout stroller...ever. I mean look at it, it is seriously a freakshow-on-wheels and it certainly does look like it belongs in a circus. It even has this little "ding ding, get the heck out of our way" bell and a wrist strap in case you happen to let go. My guess is it will either rip your wrist off or drag you down the hill but yeah it's like an extra emergency break, which it has as well!

After talking to fellow quad moms across the country I realized this stroller is about my only option for ever getting out of the house alone with my kids and having "freedom", they all swear it's one of the best products made for us weird people who spit out numerous babies at a time. I have yet to experience this freedom as I am still not comfortable going out (even on a walk) alone with them... but I will soon! I sometimes hate having to have other people with me when I go out with the babies and I look forward to being able to go out on my own with them. I have also come to realize having four babies gets you noticed regardless of how you transport them. The few times Bret and I have taken the babies out we have had the two twin snap and go strollers (each of us pushing two babies). We could put a little distance between us and attempt to make it look like two random parents each with a set of twins... yeah that doesn't work.

Me & my sarcastic thumbs up on our first outing!

Korbin gladly taking the front seat on the first ride!

Pros to having a Runabout besides the freedom? Other moms say we will be able to use this stroller until the babies are about 3 years old. There are lots of accessories (at additional cost of course) like a sun canopy & side panels and plastic weather shields making it easy to endure just about any weather. Each seat can recline making naps easy too.

Downside to having this stroller - they are not cheap. Thanks to you supporters and your generous donations we were able to buy this beast of a stroller that cost more than $1,000. Another downer is it doesn't fit inside the vehicle. You have to attach a hitch to the back of the van and LIFT the stinkin thing up onto it. I have practiced a few times (which I'm sure was entertaining to the neighbors) and am no pro just yet! Oh and did I mention you have to take the front baby out first? Yeah if you don't load front to back and unload back to front the whole thing tips backwards... although I have been warned by other moms, after our first walk what do I do? I take the front baby out first and the whole thing tipped back immediately. Luckily the basket was attached that helped stop it a bit and I was able to catch the front end fast enough. Yeah I know "Go Heather"... it will never happen again, promise!

Back to Front Korbin, Kylee, Baxlyn, & Brody!

Hopefully by the time RSV lockdown is over this bad boy will be my new best friend! Thanks again to all who helped us get our new stroller!


  1. oh heather this post was so funny! Those darn sunglasses are sooo cute!!! well I am glad to hear that you have found a way to "carry" them all by yourself!! :)


  2. Heather , this is hilarious, I cracked up more than once. What a wonderful addition to the blog! I love you, Mom

  3. You will LOVE it! And the whole back to front thing, it'll never get easy to remember. I try to remember to tell everyone that, but it never fails, someone wants some Gunner loving and BAMMMM, it's over! So happy you got your wheels!

  4. Rock on Brody! You da man!! How cute! Great post Heather! Love you all!

  5. What a hilarious post. I can just see you now "practicing" in the front yard with the neighbors watching. I know I would be. Too funny!

  6. I LOVE it! When I saw your post of FB I thought you got a mommy van or that suburban you want! This is SO cool, hope you get better at it and get to do things on your own (well not really on your own, you have 4 little ones with you at all times).

  7. Your kiddos are ridin' in style!!

  8. Love the new stroller. Enjoy the Texas weather, it's starting to get cold here.

  9. They're adorable in their shades! Looks like a neat stroller, but yeah I can understand why you'd say you create a scene anywhere you go. ;) Just part of the life of having quads, right? :)

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