Monday, October 12, 2009


Were all doing good here in Baby Land. The Quadlings (yeah that's a new one!) got their flu shots just over a week ago therefore we got an update on their weights. As always they were bigger than I expected. Broman weighed in at a whoppin' 18lbs 7oz! I thought for sure Kylee had finally caught up and surpassed Korbin but to my surprise he has nearly 1/2 a pound on her at 16lbs 10oz. She seems a bit "chunky" (sorry Kylee no other way to put that!) compared to him, but I guess he is solid muscle. Little Baxlyn is still our itty bitty at 15lbs 6oz! Big heavy babies = one strong momma!Can't wait until their 9month check up to see how they hit on the charts!
The babies' cranial helmets are working wonders. It was hard to see the difference at first, but we are definitely seeing changes now. We go weekly to have them adjusted. They are evaluated and then the helmets are shaved down (on the inside) where needed to allow more room for growth. It looks like Brody will need to have another helmet. The one he has has been shaved almost to the brim - which is a good thing and means he has improved but he still has a long way to go. The others are only looking at about another month or so to go. Can't wait to get back to hair bows and winter hats!

"Ummm... Kylee... remind me what was so great about this nasty thing...."
(see previous post)

Kylee & Baxlyn :) They are just too sweet. Kylee is THE happiest baby lately. She sits and laughs at the simplest things and is so so patient and the girl finally learned how to roll over back to stomach (so proud of you doll face)! Baxlyn and her little bitty voice I can't even describe... I'll try to post a video soon. Gotta love little delicate baby girls!

"Ok Brody here's the plan. You hold your butterfly and this yellow-screwdriver-tool-thing while I get the door ready to put on""... I'm on it!"
My seriously cool (very serious)dude helping Daddy put on the new screen door.

Then we have Korbin.

Korbin Korbin Korbin. Gotta love this kid. He get's soo frustrated by his lack of mobility. He can roll like the wind across the living room floor, but that's just not enough for him. He's so close to crawling and he knows it. He has been so curious lately too always grabbing everyone else's helmet, eyes, and toys. The last few days he has been grabbing onto things (like the basket shown above) to try to pull on or tip over. This morning when I went into his room, he had his hand up over the railing of his crib and looked at me like "Look at me Mom... I'm gonna get outta here!" Trying to stay one step ahead of him, we lowered his crib tonight... just another sign my babies are not going to be babies much longer :( It's a good thing, believe me I know, its just flying by soo fast!

That's all we have for today, hope you all have a great week!


  1. those pics of brody might be the best ones yet! They had me cracking up!!! Im so excited that those helmets are working, and that little Korbin is ready to be moving around...but just so you know I think once he gets moving you'll never catch him! lol have a wonderful week!


  2. Oh my. They are as big as my 18 month old. She is 18lbs 8 oz and 30 1/4 inches long. What big babies they are, not only in size but developmentally. I can't even imagine that they are wanting to crawl now. They should be so tiny still.

    I am so glad to hear that the helmets are helping a lot. Hopefully soon they will be helmet free!

    The girls are adorable as always. I love the bows.

  3. Boy, I can't believe how big your kiddos are!!! Were they not preemie?! :) My almost 14-month old twins are 16 and 17lb (although they are lengthy and so look even thinner)! You are doing an amazing job, I love following your blog. Best wishes to you, Super Mamma!


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