Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Little Handsome Men

Well I have been talking about it for months and finally had it done... the boys first HAIR CUTS! Korbin has been in need of one for a while now. His cute little signature comb-over was well, combing over his eye brow. Brody's hair... I tried everything to tame that fro he had and can't count the times people have asked me "How do you get his hair to do that?!" as if it is my goal to have a chia-pet-on-miracle-grow looking baby. We were in the waiting room at Cranial Tech the other week and not thinking I pulled off Brody's toboggan, the whole waiting room gasped at the sight of his wild blonde hair! Miss Lynn was kind enough to come to our house because of it being RSV season to cut their hair (THANK YOU!).
Here's a before pic of Korbin sporting the Kate Gosselin look, ya know the spike towards the back & the comb over in the front. (Excuse his deer in the headlights look. He had just gotten up from a nap... ok and my flash was as bright as the sun :/)

Not that you need one (who could forget this hair?) but here's a before pic of the Broman.

Korbin did an awesome job, not perfectly still but much better than I had anticipated.
Lynn even let them hold and check out the shears!
Korbin's after shot. Still Korbin just trimmed up a bit and handsome as can be!
Then we have Brody. Gosh this is one happy baby - ALL THE TIME! He too did great and was all smiles the entire time.
Wa-La! No more afro!
This is the best shot I could get of them together. My handsome men :]

Thanks again Lynn for coming out to the house we greatly appreciate it!!!


  1. They are such handsome boys, and they seem to radiate such happiness to.

  2. My 21 month old still hasn't had her hair cut. Since she is a girl, I can get away with it being long though. They are starting to look like toddlers and not babies.

  3. That's amazing! My kids are NUTS when they get haircuts - absolutely NUTS! Your boys look great! Of course, they were adorable before too!

  4. Precious!!! Love the chia pet reference!!


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