Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet Baby Girls

Bret and I took the girls last week to the developmental pediatrician, it was the first time to just be the four of us! Both girls did great and had a fun time getting to "explore" a new environment (poor things only leave the house once a month for synagis shots).
Kylee & Baxlyn

Baxlyn is doing great and scored above her adjusted age in most categories, with the exception of language. An early intervention specialist has come to work with both girls over the last month to hopefully help develop better receptive & expressive language skills. She is still our tiny one weighing in at 17lbs6oz but her size has not stopped her from doing anything. The past month she has learned to transition in and out of sitting, pull up to a standing position and walk along the side of the couch, and crawl the "proper" way which are most of her goals we had set for June!!!

Kylee had an overall good check up as well... which by the way she is now SITTING and WAVING (as you may have seen on the previous post)!! Unfortunately the signs of CP she had been showing over the past few months are still there and progressing. The diagnosis was made that she has mild-moderate Spastic Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy. Although we had talked before about the possibility of CP, the doctor was reluctant to say it (obviously this is heartbreaking news for some parents and certainly not what any parent wants to hear). Some may not understand, but Bret and I cannot let go of or forget the fact that there was a point we didn't know if we would have this little girl to raise. The fact that she is here with us today is such a blessing. It is still too early to know exactly how she will do developmentally, but Bret and I have faith she will continue to thrive being the fighter that she is. Our little miss weighed in at 18lbs15oz!!

As we know many of you are, please continue to keep our precious babies in your prayers!

Thanks Bret & Heather


  1. I am glad to hear they are doing well! I hope they both continue to hit their milestones.

    Kylee has the same type of CP as me (mine affects my right side). I will continue to hope that she is not affected greatly and that Physiotherapy helps her as much as it did me!

  2. The good thing about an early diagnosis is that you can start intervention and therapy that much sooner. I really think that is key in overcoming any developmental obstacles. You can see by her interaction with her siblings and the light in her eyes that she won't let it keep her down!

  3. i think they are perfect just the way God made them, I am so happy to hear that you are looking at this with a postive attitude. You are right, it's a miracle that she is here, and that is the most important thing!



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