Thursday, February 18, 2010

1 Year Check Up!

My little deer in the headlights not moving an inch as all of the staff come in to take a peek and congratulate us on not having ONE sick visit since they have been discharged from NICU! L-R Baxlyn Brody Kylee & Korbin

Brody at birth - 3lbs at 1 Year - 20lbs 15oz!
Brody showing off his weight bearing skills!
Having a moment with Dr. Reyes... a little doctor in training... who knows?!
Our Baby Girl B at birth 2lbs10oz at 1 Year - 18lbs1oz!
"This is me showing you I can stand. And this is my shoe!"
My Little Tiny Kylee at birth 2lbs7oz at 1 Year - 19lbs9oz!

Last but not least Korbin at birth 2lbs11oz at 1 Year - 19lbs7oz!

I'm pretty sure this next part made them never want to have another birthday - shots! Poor things got 3 shots each, it was brutal and you could hear them all crying AT ONCE through the whole office.
"We hate being one, mommy!"

Our attempt at a group shot with Dr. Reyes before leaving which the girls wanted nothing to do with. Better luck next time!


  1. Congrats on the quads 1st birthday! Love the pacifier hanging out of the mouth. Of our three, we only have one that still faithfully sucks the wubbanub.

  2. That is sooo precious!!! I can not wait till their party Saturday!!! I miss those precious babies!!!

  3. So cute! And so impressive that they didnt get sick! That is awesome!!!
    Great weights, GREAT job mom and dad! LOVE YOU and those precious 1 YEAR OLDS!!!!

  4. They are so cute. I love the snotty nose boys with drool all over their faces! Precious!

  5. Shots are the worst -- for the babies AND the parents. :( Glad they've made their journey so healthily!


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