Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doctors Rain & The Runabout

We had a fun BUSY day and all got to get out of the house for some big appointments. Bret and I took the boys to their developmental pediatrician, first time just the four of us! After putting the boys in the stroller Bret noticed Korbin was holding Brody's hand.... how SWEET is that????!!!! I immediately dug through my purse for the camera to capture this rare act of brotherly love!

Will probably be one of my favorite pictures FOREVER - I LOVE IT!

Their appointment went great! Both boys have minor issues to worked on but overall are doing fabulous developmentally. Their developmental ped has been with them since they were in the nicu and she says she is AMAZED at where Brody is today given his rough start. She told us several times throughout the appointment his life is "nothing short of a miracle"! We all knew this already, but to see him literally "WOW" a doctor whose been there through it all puts me on cloud nine!

We recently made the switch from infant car seats to "big" car seats. After researching and weighing the pros and cons of different car seats, we decided the Britax Boulevard was right for us. The transition to new car seats also meant we now HAD to say good bye to our SnapNGo strollers and use the new Runabout.
Out with the old....

In with the new!
After the boys' appointment I headed back to the house to pick up the girls and the monster stroller and headed for the hospital to meet my parents for the babies' synagis shots. To make my first (out of the neighborhood) adventure with the Runabout even more interesting... God decided to let it rain - not fun! I decided not to bring the cover for the stroller because, according to the weather man, it was going to rain at night not during the day. Luckily it never poured and the stroller was hardly wet when we got there. The shots went well (well as well as shots can go for babies). The babies all weighed between 18 and 20 pounds!!

Grandpa's job was to hand out fruit puffs while each of them waited their turn to get shots by the mean nurse.

and Grandmas job... to make the boo-boos feel better and offer apple juice!

Love this one of Brody... poor guy had no clue what was about to happen :[
As we left the hospital I felt like an exhibit at the museum being stared at by onlookers, there was an elderly couple who even gave me a round of applause (no joke) as I finished loading the babies and reattaching the stroller to the back of the van.... thhhaaannnkks!! All in all it was a good day, an adventurous day, a day that refreshed me and gave me new strength to face tomorrow!

Until next time!



  1. IM SO PROUD OF YOU! Thats a BIG DAY!!!! And you did it well!! The babies look AMAZING!!
    So sweet of Korbin and Brody. I swear, Korbins little facial expression melts my heart every time! Love you!

  2. I know how tough it is moving quads anywhere! A+ for you getting through the day. They all look wonderful!

  3. My oh my. They are getting big and cuter with each post. The look on the boys face makes me think that they do this quite often and you caught them. Too cute.

    The one with all of them sitting in the floor makes Brody look like he has a mohawk. I love his little chubby tummy and the big grin in the last picture. They are precious.

  4. Such precious memories from yesterday. It is so hard to hear them cry when they get the shots(1 in each little leg!)but we know it is for their good. It is just a taste of the things you will have to go thru as they grow up and you watch what they have to go thru for their own good. You need to get a picture of the stroller on the back of the van too. I love you!

  5. How sweet...we have the same carseats for the boys and I love them! My boys are very skinny and I love the headrest area- I feel that it keeps them more snug...Curious to see how lengthy the sweet babies are to get a good picture of them..they are doing great it sounds like- you are doing great! :)

  6. Glad they're all doing so well! :)


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