Monday, April 19, 2010

March 4 Babies 2010

We packed up Saturday for our 5 mile walk with the babies and friends to help support the March of Dimes. This being our first time to participate, I was prepared for chaos and felt totally unprepared as we ventured out not knowing how things would end up with the weather, traveling with the massive stroller on the Dart and a shuttle bus, and at the same time worried about feedings and how the babies would do. Luckily, the day couldn't have gone more smoothly! We woke up at 5am to pouring rain which had me nervous but by the time we hit the road it was gone and didn't return. The babies did fantastic and enjoyed the longest walk of their lives :]

A picture of our group with our Cox Quads shirts designed by uncle mason! (THANKS MACE!)
Among the thousands of people there we were able to find Amy Jo and Brandon and I finally got to meet those sweet sweet sweet Sather babies!
Little Logan and his contagious smile...pretty sure he loved me ;)

There were pictures all along the walk to remind of why we were walking. Sooo many pictures of babies born early, some too early. Many people walked in honor of their babies who survived their prematurity and many walked in memory of their precious angel babies living in Heaven today. Below is our family picture by our sign which had each baby's name, weight, and gestational age at birth.

I'm pretty sure we were the last ones to cross the finish line that day. We stopped several times for feedings and diapee changes...

As we headed back towards the finish line, we took our sign as a keepsake. Miss Kylee was the proud holder leading the pack...
Two proud mommas and their babies at the finish line (finally)!!
Last but not least a proud daughter and her momma at the finish line! Mom walked the entire 5miles like a pro, so proud of you, Mom!
Don't let Korbin's smile fool you, by the time we got home the babies were SO worn out (see the girls faces in the background!). They went to bed at an early 5:30 and momma right behind em' at 6pm!
Thanks to those who walked with us and to all of you who support the March of Dimes and March for Babies. Because of you many precious lives are being saved. We look forward to participating in the years to come and teaching our babies about how they can make a difference and help fight against prematurity!


  1. Very special day in our lives, thank you for posting my picture with you Heather, I love you!

  2. I teared up reading this. I wish we could participate in the one in are area, but will be out of town. I love the back of the kids shirts!

  3. heather you have officially made me cry like a baby here at work. this is the coolest post yet. i loved what ya'll did it for and wish so badly i could have gone..maybe next year! you are you kids looked so cute, and way to go for your mom! you are so blessed and i am glad to know you, and know about your kids wonderful story of life. :)
    -your friend,

  4. Got chills..... love this post! Those shirts were precious!!! Love you!

  5. Love it! We were there and I actually saw you and your bunch! My twin girls are about the same age has your quads! Such a great walk, wasn't it?!? Love your shirts! I totally didn't take our sign and I wish we would have!

  6. I teared up reading as well! What a great event and so glad you got to experience it and help some families by raising money. The shirts were so cute w/ the 2lb 11oz Miracle, etc on the backs. :) Cute pics.

  7. Thanks guys, it was an awesome day! Elizabeth, you should have come seen us! Also, you can pick up your sign this week at the March of Dimes office on Coit in Plano. I wish I knew exactly where it was, but that's all the detail I know :]

  8. You know me.....I cried too. Beautiful post Heather. I am so glad that you all participated in this and I know that you did it from your hearts.

  9. Oh thank you so much!!! Next time I will come say hi! Thanks again!

  10. Beautiful post Heather! I love the shirts!!! So glad you got to see AJ as well! How fun!


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