Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Congrats Anna and Mason!

Two our our best friends Anna and Mason got married on Pensacola Beach and I was a bridesmaid who well.... wasn't actually going to be in the wedding. Who can leave their 5 month old quadruplets hundreds of miles behind to go hit the beach for a few days???? I CAN!!! Ok so I wasn't gone for daaayys... I left Monday afternoon and got back today (Wednesday) afternoon.
I enjoyed every second of the trip (except when I got stung by a jellyfish ugh) especially finally getting a chance to swim... well I guess we should call it standing in the water staring for fish and other things that might get me and occasionally jumping into waves! Best part of all, Anna had no idea I would be there! As far as she knew I would help with the planning and be present at the reception held here in Texas when they get back. Bret and I wanted to both go, but still don't feel comfortable leaving the babies with others for that long of a time so I went's ok he went to Branson last month without me :]
At her shower L-R Sarah, Myself, Bethany
& Anna below us.
Below is a pic of some of us at the nail shop the day before they left. Before we left Anna explained to me how she was going to take my flowers to Florida and put them in the sand where I would stand... little did she know!
Korbin was the only one awake right before I left to catch the plane so he got most of my goodbye love. I gave the others a little kiss and walked out the door. It wasn't too bad actually, I knew it was for just over a day and it would be totally worth it to be at Anna's wedding.
Mommy & Korbin's goodbye!
Anna was super surprised when she saw me walk in during the rehearsal, it was priceless! After a long tearful hug I told her there was no way I could miss her wedding!
One lucky guy and his beautiful bride!
The wedding party.
Bethany and I looking for those dang scary jellyfish.
My Anna and I.


  1. awwww!!! how fun! girl, you look amazing! i'm so glad you were able to surprise your friend...looks like a blast!

  2. Very pretty!!! I am so glad you got to go. I know Anna was so happy too!! Wish we were able to go, but we couldn't, but we definately will be there for the reception.

  3. WOW, glad you had such a good time. and you do look amazing heather!!!

  4. That is awesome! What a surprise! Bet your friend was super excited to see you holding those flowers! BTW, You looked book looked beautiful with the ocean at your backs!
    Love, Cathy & her quads

  5. this stinkin made me cry again. I was so surprised you made it! I still am. I love you all so so much. sorry we missed our baby night on wednesday... hope someone walked them in circles for us. haha. THANKS BRET(only one T)!!!!! We love you :]] See 'them babies' soon.

    Aunt Banan & Uncle Mace
    The Keller's

  6. You look beautiful, and what a nice wedding. :) Glad you were able to go, I'm sure you had lots of fun! :)

  7. I can't believe you got stung by a jellyfish!!! What are the odds of that???

    Oh wait... You had quads, too! :)

    You all look beautiful! Sorry we had to miss it.


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