Friday, June 18, 2010

Change of plans for Kylee Mae!

Kylee was scheduled to go to Scottish Rite mid July to get her braces for her legs. We got a letter a week or so ago informing us her appointment had been rescheduled to mid August. We decided to have her fitted and casted at another facility and have her follow up and continue treatment at Scottish Rite. The sooner this baby girl gets her braces, the better!

Things going well before casting began...
Things not going so well after it began, poor girl :(

Love this one of Baxlyn. "Maybe if I'm a good girl and I stay quiet, I won't have to go next!"
Kylee back at home and happy again. She will be receiving her braces in just 2 weeks!


  1. Heather, I'm not sure why she is getting braces - guess I missed something somewhere - but not to worry! My little one had to have casts all the way to her hips on both legs and they installed a bar in the base of them to keep her legs in position. She wore those for 6 weeks then went to shoes that looked like they were on the wrong feet and at night we had to attach a bar. When the doctor said (after 6 months) that she didn't have to use the bar at night any more, she had to sleep with it in her little arms! They had been so much a part of her little life she couldn't sleep without! I finally threw the bar out when she was about 25! It was a keep-sake for her! Club feet - corrected, tibia contorsion corrected as much as possible. So see, sweet little Kylee will be just fine! And FYI - I love reading your posts and watching your kids grow! They are so cute! Thanks for letting me lurk!

  2. Hi Marlene! I think I have mentioned her braces just a few times, nothing in depth. Her feet turn out a bit, especially her left. Hope it will be a temporary thing that she has to wear braces! I'll go more in depth when she gets them on. Thanks for the encouragement and sharing the story about your daughter!

  3. Baxlyn looks like she's trying to blend in with the animals!

  4. The pic of Baxlyn watching is funny. Hope Kylee's braces she gets will help soon.


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