Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flips & Fun At The Little Gym

The babies are feeling much better and are almost 100% back to themselves after dealing with this bug that's been going around. As the babies get older, more mobile, and their immune systems get stronger we are trying to get them out more. We have been cooped up in the house far too long living our day to day routine and we feel the need to get the babies doing different things (swimming, walks, one on one time at the store...) to stimulate different parts of the brain. Last weekend we had a trip planned to The Little Gym but after spending late hours in the ER Friday night, we didn't make it to the class Saturday morning. We were able to go today and I knew from the moment we pulled up we would have a great time. Upon arrival the staff came out and greeted us at the car and helped us carry babies in and once we got inside they had a personalized welcome signs with each baby's name!

The class was pretty small with only about 5 other babies and their parents. It was neat for me to see the babies mixed in with others their age, I was amazed at the difference in size and development of ours verses the other babies and quickly remembered how important it is to adjust their age and to take in consideration their rough start when comparing. The class started by sitting on the mats while playing with bells and singing fun songs - at this point our babies looked as if they had never left the house before, all four of them had blank stares as they took in everything around them. The first two pics show a good idea at their faces the first 10minutes or so but soon enough they all broke out of their shell and joined in the fun!

After our circle time on the BIG mats we had explore time where the babies could wander and well, explore! Bret and I took the babies by ourselves and the staff did great on helping us keep an eye on all of them, making sure everyone got to explore and climb on whatever they wanted. Korbin was the most independent of the bunch. He didn't care if anyone was with him, watching him, or helping him... just wandered off and did his own thing!

This was Baxlyn's favorite instructor, Mr. Jaime. He escorted her from the car to the gym and from then on, he was her man!
Baxlyn doing flips with Miss Lea!
Kylee I think, had the best time of them all! With her diagnosis of CP and other things she is the one we worry most about, neurologically speaking. I LOVE the fact that she LOVED being at the little gym and hope she can continue to go and thrive!
Here she is with Daddy balancing on the bars!
Her favorite thing was the balance beam. If you could only hear the shrieks of joy coming out of that mouth!
Our little Brodster took the longest time to warm up and never did completely. Although he is feeling much better he still wasn't his normal self. Although he participated in some activities, he preferred to sit back and watch everything go on.
Brody & Daddy doing flips!

We all had a great time and highly recommend The Little Gym for kids of all ages! A special thanks to Miss Lea for being such an awesome instructor and making our experience so special! To learn more about The Little Gym and what they have to offer your family, click here!


  1. So fun! I take my girls to Gymboree, very similar. The first time I brought them (a month ago after they turned one) they had the same look. What the heck is all this....I hardly ever got them out of the house :p

    Congrats on the successful outing!

  2. Just wondering... Did you take them to a parent/child class? Was it a one time class or do you go back for more? Would you mind me asking the cost? I think my boys would love this.

  3. E. Merritt - At this age it is a parent/child class. Once they hit pre-school/kindergarten they do better without their parents, but one side of the gym is windows so parents can watch! We were able to go one time for a free trial.

    After going and experiencing it as much as we would love to join, its very costly when you start multiplying the fees ($250+ per baby for the summer) and im afraid it is out of our budget. The good news is if you buy ONE slot you can alternate which baby you take! I totally recommend taking your boys to try it out at least!

    Hope that helps, sorry to write you a book ;)

  4. This is absolutely one of the best blog posts! (Well at least for the moment!) I love it, their personalities are just blossoming more & more every day!

  5. It looks like they had a good time. They'll eventually get used to doing things like this. Just have to continue to take them to different things.

  6. Love this!!! They all look soo good!!!! I'm glad they eventually warmed up and had fun!!!

  7. So fun! How stinking cute is she on that balance beam! Love ya!

  8. Looks soooo fun! I nominated you for an award, check it out in my blog!

  9. Cute cute pics! :) Looks like fun!


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