Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Dirty The Dreaded RSV!

Well, it's official. It is now RSV season. We are SO thankful our babies have been SUPER healthy since being discharged from the hospital and we don't feel the need to be strict this year when it comes to RSV. The babies did not qualify for synagis this year (the monthly shots they received last year to help protect them against RSV) which is bitttersweet... boo they don't get the extra protection but yay because they don't neeeeeed the extra protection this year!

Although we are not asking as much as last year from our visitors, we are asking that you keep from coming over if you are/have been sick within the last week or have someone who is in your household who has been. Also, upon entering our house we ask that you wash and sanitize your hands. We (THANK GOD!) are not doing "lockdown" this year and still plan on attending church and other small outings as long as the babies are healthy.

To other moms of newborns (preemie OR full-term), moms of multiples, or anyone unfamiliar with RSV I encourage you to CLICK HERE to check out the blog I wrote last year explaining what RSV is and additional links with more in depth info on the nasty virus. The more aware we are, the healthier all babies will be!

See the RSV trends for YOUR state by clicking HERE!
Here's to a happy healthy season!


  1. Hi Heather, I use to work with Anita. I was receintly laid off. But I wanted to thank you for keeping this up todate with your busy life. I really enjoy seeing the kids grow. You all are more like family even though we have never met. I hope someday you will consider writing childrens books. You would be great at it. I just wanted to thank you for the many smiles you have and will bring to all of us out here reading your updates. I continue to wish you and your family many happy years to come. God Bless Joann

  2. Joann, thank you so much for your kind words! It's nice knowing people read what I write and care to know what's going on in our busy life with the babies! So sorry to hear about the lay off and wish you the best!

    Take Care & Thanks Again!!


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