Friday, October 15, 2010

Our second home... the ZOOOOO!

Lately, we have been addicted to the zoo! I love getting the babies out in this great weather and the zoo is the perfect place, not too busy during the days, the babies can look at and learn about the animals and best of all - WE FIT! This trip to the zoo was extra special. Joining us we had one of the babies' NICU nurses, Carrie, Addie & Alex, who were with the quads in NICU and a new friend who was two years old, Ford.

Carrie & Brody splashing in the water!

Looking at the goats and otters!

Lunch time! L-R Korbin, Brody, Alex, Addie, Kylee & Baxlyn

It was SO awesome to see all of these babies together. They were all side by side in the NICU and went through some rough days together. Addie & Alex were born at an early 23weeks gestation weighing only 1lb 4oz and 1lb 9oz. Today they are happy healthy babies and Alex can run like the WIND! Ugh... M I R A C L E S, all I can say!

A & A and Addie with Kylee

How sweet is this one on the left?! Korbin with Carrie!

Korbin with Addie feeding the goats & B showing Addie her seat belt...

Brody with the Lion... SO COOL!

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty! Baxlyn with the Lion.
Kisses from Kylee!
...and a BIG yawn for Korbin!

Thanks again to our friends for going with us, it was one of our best zoo trips so far!


  1. I love that zoo you sure have a great time! wow 23 weeks those babies were born... Yes they are true miracles.My twins were born at 26 weeks and passed away after two weeks of fightingin the nicu.... Btw you look great

  2. Loved this post! How awesome! I loved Carrie in the NICU. She took care of the triplets for a few days in a row in baby-steps after they had been evicted from NICU. I think she was the best, most informative Nursey we had. What a wonderful day for you guys!

  3. The kids are just getting cuter and cuter with every post!!
    you should attempt pigtails with Baxlyn's hair. it would be really cute.

  4. How fun!! Love all the pictures :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Great pictures, looks like everybody had alot of fun.

  7. Those lion pics are adorable w/ all the little ones! :)


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