Monday, October 17, 2011

Tammy Labuda Photography

A few short months ago I was lucky enough to win a free session with a local photographer, Tammy Labuda. After looking through her awesome blog and seeing session after session of beautiful pics she had taken I was super excited to throw a curve ball at her, ahem... quadruplets, to see what she could capture for us. It was a challenge to say the least that's for sure! Even with 4 rambunctious two year olds who can't seem to sit still and two boys who had their serious game face on, she still managed to capture some great shots! We had our session at Chestnut Square in Mckinney, so so pretty and perfect for this time of year! These are just a few of the pictures taken by Tammy, to see more visit her blog by CLICKING HERE! Show her a little love and let her know you dropped by by "liking" her page just under the blog title!

A HUGE thank you to Tammy Labuda for her time and most of all her patience in photographing our crazy babies! We appreciate it and can't wait until our pics are ready for pick up!


  1. Great great pictures, they are just beautiful! Hats off to Tammy Labuda Photography.

  2. Great shots Tammy!

  3. Great pictures! Your kids are getting so big!

  4. Beautiful beautiful happy babies! Incredible pictures!


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