Monday, May 21, 2012

A day at the ZOO with Daddy!

The quads have been missin’  their daddy now for a while. He’s been a busy man between working and building a house on the side and the they don’t get to see him on a daily basis. Bret took the afternoon off last Thursday and we hit the Dallas zoo. We go often with our multiples friends but rarely just the six of us. It was a nice change of pace having Bret there to pull the h e a v y choo choo and having just the 4 kids verses 15 plus kids we’re used to. I know our trips are limited this summer due to the scorching heat and growing belly so we’re trying to take advantage while we can!

Zoo with Daddy 003The 2 adults to 4 kids ratio allowed us to allow them to have a little more freedom. They enjoyed walking more than they usually do and getting to get out of the wagon to get an up close look at the animals. Love this one of Brody and Mr. Penguin…Zoo with Daddy 018What mom of 4 only brings 2 hats to the zoo on a hot day? This one. We had to share… L-R Korbin, Brody & Kylee Zoo with Daddy 005       Kylee Mae MaeZoo with Daddy 033…with her Daddy. DEFINITELY a Daddy’s girl these days.Zoo with Daddy 027Pictures like this still get to me. 4? Really? Quadruplets? All at one time? All mine? God is so good.  Zoo with Daddy 043Zoo with Daddy 035 Sweet Korby Worby gettin’ more handsome by the day!Zoo with Daddy 050 Brody & Daddy :)Zoo with Daddy 067Sweet B. This girl holds my heart these days. Can’t get enough of her! Zoo with Daddy 073 We gave the ole’ monorail a try again this trip and unlike last time they did great! A little impatient until we got going but once we started moving they enjoyed it.Zoo with Daddy 089Priceless!Zoo with Daddy 080  The goats, of course! It’s a good size pen that they’re in and the kids are allowed to go in and roam freely with them. This time they had the place all to themselves and as always, loved every minute of it!Zoo with Daddy 095Our animal lover, Kylee. Getting up close & personal and feeding that 3 year old curiosity she’s got going on…Zoo with Daddy 099Lord knows ya gotta check out both ends… hil-a-rious! Zoo with Daddy 108Below,  Brody feeding the fish. I love getting the chance to let them truly explore and enjoy moments like these which are often limited due to being one of four. It’s hard sometimes, among the chaos, to remember to slow down and embrace the moment making an effort to soak it all up and we got so many opportunities this day!Zoo with Daddy 150 Zoo with Daddy 157  A great part of the Zoo is their kids area. Typically this area is jam packed with kids making it impossible for me to safely keep track of my own four but this day we went in the late afternoon and had the place to ourselves. In addition to the goat pen and other animals they have a little water area giving kids the chance to cool down…Zoo with Daddy 197Broman, my ham. This dude is all boy lately!Zoo with Daddy 203Daddy & BrodyZoo with Daddy 209Daddy & KyleeZoo with Daddy 216

Love our family days and am so glad we get the opportunity every once in a while. Can’t wait to add our sweet number 5 to the mix!


  1. Great pics! Love the one of all 4 down the row, and also the one of all 4 from the back. You inspired me to finally get the choo choo wagon. We used it at the amusement park with our trips the other day and they LOVED it! They were so much happier than they are in the stroller. Congrats on the new baby!

  2. Thanks Carrie! Good for you for getting the choo choo. It has BY FAR been the BEST purchase we've made when it comes to having multiples!

  3. Glad you had a fun day! I love the pictures with Kylee and the goats! Aunt Beth (AKA Sis)

  4. I love the pictures. The choo choo is so cute. We will have to think about that... Please consider linking to Multiples Monday tomorrow. I'd love to see you there.

    : 0 ) Theresa


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