Monday, May 7, 2012

Mommy’s Impromptu Birthday Party

I celebrated my (gag) 27th birthday a few weeks ago. We spent the weekend celebrating with the family and my actual birthday fell on the following Monday. When getting the babies…ahem KIDS up in the morning I said something along the lines of “Ok, you guys need to be super sweet to me today, it’s my birthday!” Baxlyn’s lil face LIT up with excitement and said “We gone have a bird-day party!!” It was adorable and I, being the Facebook addict that I am, posted her sweet comment as my status that morning. I quickly got an overwhelming amount of comments of people encouraging me to seize the day, fly by the seat of my pants and gosh darn it – throw myself a birthday party in which the 5 of us could enjoy together!

We did just that :) I gathered a few party supplies that I had around the house and a box of brownies from the pantry and the 5 of us got to work prepping for our “big party”! This was their first baking experience at home and they were super excited!

impromptu  bday 028impromptu  bday 037impromptu  bday 052impromptu  bday 096    impromptu  bday 091   impromptu  bday 060 impromptu  bday 079   Like any good mother, I let them lick the batter off the spoons ;)impromptu  bday 110

We waited and waited until we heard the timer go off letting us know our sweet treat was ready…impromptu  bday 129 I sang Happy Birthday to myself while the quads blew their horns… impromptu  bday 153 …and they gladly blew out my candles before we enjoyed!impromptu  bday 155

Thanks, my sweet babies, for helping me celebrate and keeping me young!

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  1. What a great way to spend your birthday, I'm so glad you have this memory on the blog! Love, Sis (AKA-Aunt Beth)


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