Wednesday, September 19, 2012

34 Weeks–Sweet #5!!


2012-09-18 14.31.09

I can’t believe we’re just a few weeks away from meeting our sweet boy! Besides having a ridiculous time with insomnia, I’m still feeling pretty good. I get comments daily from strangers and over hear people say behind my back on a regular basis how I “must be due any day because I’m carrying so low”. Low, I am indeed, but determined to make it to at least 38 weeks :) Friends & family think it’s funny to joke about there being another one in there hiding….yeah, not so funny to Bret and I!

I had my 34 week appointment today and my doc says he’s confident baby is still head down, which is a good thing. We’ll go in two weeks for our next sonogram to find out about how big he is and how he’s positioned. I’ve officially gained…..gulp….35lbs so far. Way more than I had anticipated and exactly what I gained with the quads…boo! I still have my fingers crossed it will just melt away once this lil’ man is done cooking.

As far as being ready for the baby’s arrival well…I’m not LOL! As you have probably picked up on, we STILL don’t have a name, which is beginning to stress me out. “Sweet Number Five” is starting to sound pretty good at this point in time ;) Our crib and dresser/changer did come in this week, so that’s a start. Bret got the crib put together last night and I’m hoping that the nursery is 100% ready by our 36 weeks appointment. The baby’s room is the only room in the new house that is still sitting there, untouched, just as it sat the day we moved in. A little paint, furniture and a few accessories and we’ll have a beautiful nursery awaiting our little guy. Some of my friends threw me a baby shower this past weekend so help us with some of the basics. Thanks to all who came and supported us! A part of me feels like, really Heather, who needs a baby shower after quadruplets? In reality the question is, who thinks to keep things for YET ANOTHER baby after having quadruplets! Our friends and family have been so generous in helping us with the things I didn’t keep from the quads and for that we are grateful!

Until next time!


  1. You got this babe! I think sweet #5 sounds great...but I'm kind of partial to 5! :) Many hugs!

  2. Hey Heather...You took the words out of my mouth..who would keep things after twins..we will never have multiples again..hehe and then triplets. I cant wait to hear how you enjoy a single experience with a single was a breeze. You look great and I bet you are like..hey no big deal. Love it

    Heather Mott

  3. Hoping you can keep this little one in till 38 weeks.

    I love the fact that you have a urinal in your house. I live in a "Boy House" That would be super nice to have.


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