Friday, September 21, 2012

Cox Quads & Tew Triplets take over Chuck E Cheese!

The weather has been beautiful here lately but getting out of the house with 4 3 year olds while being 7+ months pregnant is quite the challenge. Typically this weather is enjoyed at the zoo but physically, there’s just no way right now. Angela and I opted to take our large crew to Chuck E Cheese. We picked the perfect time and our kids practically had the entire place to themselves!

L-R Kylee, Baxlyn, Korbin, Brody, Emmett, Emerson & Everett


The kids all had a great time! It was all Angela and I could do to keep up with their “money, money, money” requests (asking for tokens). ONE by ONE we went through 150 tokens (a coupon deal) between all 7 kiddos. With each token we would remind them to actually attempt to PLAY the game they put their coin in, rather than walk away from it, and to not forget to grab their tickets, if they won any.


Miss B and her signature face lately…just about every picture, this is what she chooses to do which drives this germ-a-phobic mama crazy at a place like Chuck E Cheese….yuck!


Kylee Mae & Barney

IMG_3612Kylee has a MAJOR fear of characters…Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Santa, The Easter Bunny and Chuck E Cheese is no exception. On our last trip to Chuck E Cheese she happened to be up in the jungle gym tunnel things when Chuck E Cheese himself came out to wave and see the kids. She saw him from above, FREAKED OUT, couldn’t find her way down for several minutes…etc.  The entire experience has haunted her ever since – the girl has one sharp memory. She’s been talking about Chuck E Cheese for a few weeks now and about how she’s afraid but could hold my hand, but not touch him, but maybe wave at him and so on and so on. You can tell she’s still so terrified but wants to be brave SO bad! I was anxious to see how she handled the experience this time around.

As soon as we walked in and the babies were all safety stamped at the door they all took off and Angela and I stopped at the front to order their lunch. We were not there 3 minutes and here comes Kylee RUNNING for her life, so terrified she can’t even scream. To make matters worse she was on the opposite side of a row of booths blocking her from me and Chuck E Cheese is headed right in her direction! By the time I got to her she was bawling and literally trembling in my arms, poor girl! The rest of the day she kept a close eye out. She made sure she was in my lap and had her head dug into my shoulder each time “HE came out of his cage”. It’s been a few days now and she is still talking constantly about how she “freaked out, but maybe next time it will be ok…etc” LOL! Her fear makes me wonder how we are going to handle the whole Santa thing this year. I can just imagine telling them “Let’s leave cookies for Santa, Santa is coming to your house tonight while you are sleeping, he’s gonna snoop around your house, eat cookies and leave stuff!!” and having 3 excited and one going down with nightmares. Ugh, we’ll have to think that one through!


Korbin & Baxlyn riding the clock ride…


Brody & Korbin playing the Dog game. This one was a hit and one of the few they actually understood. It was so frustrating watching them put coin after coin into machines that they couldn’t even see into, much less play.


As Angela and I sat and watched we saw Emmett helping his bro, Everett attempt to get his shoe back on. At this age we’re really starting to see them care and try to look out for their siblings (when they’re not fighting, that is) and it’s so sweet to witness!


Baxlyn, slightly regretting her choice to ride the monster truck!


Much happier on the buzzy bee…


1 large pizza, 4 drinks, 150 tokens and who knows how many tickets later split between 7 kids…they each went home with their little crappy plastic ring and bug (which have all been either broken or lost by now) ;)


Another fun outing with some of our favorite triplet buddies, can’t wait to do it again!


  1. If you definatly decide to do santa, maybe instead of the whole 'he comes in while you're sleeping.....' you could just say that he will leave everything in the garage (or patio.. wherever is convenient) to save time, and either they have to go out in the morning to get the gifts or Mom and Dad will bring it in before they wake up (whichever)... this would make it a lot easier later on to explain why you are the ones arranging gifts under the tree, and not santa...

  2. My kids are also scared of people dressed up. Last year my 4 year old was really worried about Santa coming into his house. He was really scared about him being in the house. We explained that Santa came to the front door and gave mummy and daddy the presents to put under the tree. He was a lot happier about this. Jut think of something that you know wil make her feel better about him coming while still making it exciting for the other kids

  3. what a lot of kids! this is beautiful :)


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