Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life With Blade

Where do I start? Blade is not quite 6 weeks old now and has stolen my heart no doubt! Now that he’s well (look back if you missed his hospital stay) he’s doing great and I am healing nicely from my surgery as well. My recovery has been a WORLD of difference from recovery with the quads. I’m sore and things jiggle…good gosh do things jiggle… and my back feels like I’ve been carrying around a whale but overall I’m doing great!

Adjusting to life with a new baby has been much easier than I anticipated. The quads were super easy babies so I was a bit worried I was pushing my luck with a number 5. People told me “you can’t get lucky twice”. Well people, somehow we did. We are truly blessed to have such an easy guy who eats well, sleeps well and only fusses when there’s a need. He’s still young so maybe he’s holding out on me, but I think we’re in the clear ;)

Look at this lil’ half smile…melt.me.

2012-11-24 12.56.54

I’ll be completely honest and say that when we decided to “try” for another one (thinking of course we may struggle like last time and it may not happen) and it happened SO quickly after being on metformin, I was a bit nervous. The “idea” of adding another baby became a reality and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wondered what I was getting myself into adding a newborn into our family that already consisted of 3 year old quads. Now that he is here, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that God placed him with us for a reason and he’s a perfect addition!

Clockwise: Baxlyn, Korbin, Brody, a very tough looking  Blade (4 weeks) and Kylee Mae!


The quads totally adore their little bro and help out whenever needed. I was afraid they would be “overly” helpful but they actually do really good. They’re always there to lend a hand, retrieve a passy, blanket or diaper when needed. Below, Kylee, Blade & Brody.


L-R Brody & Kylee (who resemble  each other like crazy here!) Baby Blade, Baxlyn & Korbin

2012-11-24 17.37.19I’d have to say Brody is by far the most in love with Blade. Blade is the first thing he asks about each morning and he always insists on his morning kiss. While the other 3 play, Brody would much rather be watching Blade and “helping” him.  He still, although we try to teach him that Blade is a blessing from God, insists on thanking my doctor for giving him to us! He thinks it is so cool that Blade uses his old passies, burp rags and a few other random things. I catch him all the time sitting about an inch from Blade’s little face talking softly. He tells him about things outside, the golf carts and how much we all love him. So sweet to witness. Here are some pics I managed to catch the other night of him talking to Blade while hanging out by the tree…


The other night I was in getting the girls clothes ready for the next day’s doctor’s appointment. I had Blade in their room with me laying contently in Baxlyn’s bed. When I was done Blade was being good just chillin’ checking out all the PINK so I left him. A few minutes later went to check on him and Brody had given him his passy, covered him with a blanket and surrounded him with lovies! Ever since then, Brody has tried so hard to convince me that Blade could sleep in his bed at night, that I could bring  him the bottle and he would feed Blade himself haha!

2012-11-27 18.13.43

Everyone asks me how different it is to just have one infant to care for. Not only is there an obvious difference this time around only having ONE baby but I’m amazed at just how many things are so different having a full term baby. In many ways, it’s like I’m a first time mom. How much do normal (and please, don’t be offended by that word) "average” full term babies eat? But then again he’s not the size of the average full term baby. How much are they supposed to sleep, I know it’s a lot, but the quads slept non-stop for like 2-3 months once they came home. Is he supposed to poop THIS much? Thanks to prematurity they dealt with major constipation. Ahhh, so THIS is “normal” spit up! The quads had ridiculous reflux for monnnnnths. “Oh my gosh, he choked up a little…crap…flip him over, stimulate….oh, wait…he’s fine and recovered so easily on his own! Cool!” Soo many new things, I could go on and on!

Not only the differences above, but you could imagine the difference in bonding I get with one baby. The quads go to bed at night and I sit my hind end on the couch and love on him like I’ve never held a baby before. To be able to sit, snuggle and shower him with kisses is soo great. I never realized just how much we missed out on when having four at a time. We experienced so much that most people never get to and I am grateful for that but WOW what an amazing experience to have just one! People always say “sleep when they sleep” umm not an option when you have four babies at a time. Now, with just one, I get it. I still can’t do it, but I get how you could with just one. Blade and I both are getting a little spoiled with our special one on one time :)

Another major difference is obviously his size. In Bret’s words “the quads were born 3 months premature and Blade was born 3 months mature!!” The first time they brought him to me after birth they told me “well, he didn’t fit the newborn diapers”. My big man was born into a size 1 diaper and moved up to a TWO at 5 weeks old. I took a picture of the difference in size between the quads’ first diapers and his… simply amazing.

2012-12-04 13.48.24

Diapers are not the only thing he’s flying through. He’s wearing 3-6 month clothes on a regular basis now too. What baby wears a 6 month outfit to his 4 week check up?!?! I sat in disbelief as I packed up his newborn clothing and diapers the day we brought him home. At his 4 week check up, he weighed 12lbs3oz and sat nicely in the 98th percentile. My guess is he’s a good 12 1/2lbs now, well on his way to catching up with his thin brothers and sisters!

Mommy & Blade LOOOVVVEE!

2012-12-03 10.55.02

Watching a little football with Daddy!

2012-12-02 17.13.28

I’m asked all the time who I think he resembles. Many say Korbin, who looks just like Bret but I see a little bit of Baxlyn in him. Like little bitty NICU Baxlyn. From the eyes up, he reminds me so much of her. Regardless of who he looks like, I must say he is one dang cute baby ;)

2012-11-27 15.51.10

Korbin loves Blade and is always willing to be a helpful big brother but he’s always been hesitant to hold him. The other night he asked to hold him which shocked Bret and I both. He sat for several minutes and did great…has had no desire to hold him since, but still!

2012-11-26 17.56.10

My big man, crammed into a newborn shirt that looked more like a crop top, ready to go to church for the first time!

2012-11-25 10.21.35

For now our little man sleeps in our room, something we never did with the quads. He does great with feedings and is starting to go up to 5 hours between them at night. Hoping we can get him sleeping through the night sooner than later!

2012-11-24 12.32.05

So excited, but in no rush, to see what God has planned for my new little big man’s future!


  1. You've already done the impossible (having quads) so I'm so glad you're getting to really enjoy this! He's adorable.

  2. congrats on such a beautiful family! you are truly blessed!!


  3. I loved this post! He is so cute! After having my triplet daughters, I had another daughter 13 months later and it was SO different having a "FULL SIZE, NORMAL, AVERAGE" baby that was healthy, born through VBAC, stayed in my hospital room, I brought home with me, ect, ect, ect...the differences as she has grown (she's now 10 months and we are pregnant with #5 due in June) are so different too. My triplets just didn't "get" things as quick as she does and it's amazing how different having a fully matured baby is compared to multiples and multiple preemies! I love watching the differences! :)

  4. I loved reading this up date so glad everyone is adjusting to life with a new baby brother. They are all just precious and you'll are so blessed. A friend in East Texas, Pam

  5. Great post! I'm so happy things are going well with little Blade. Precious family you have!

  6. Great post, everybody is sooooooo cute. I think a few people are getting spoiled though.

  7. Another great post! You capture the most precious moments! Love you all, Sis (AKA Aunt Beth)


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