Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Happenings!

We’ve been busy busy over the past week or so. 3 Christmas parties and a beautiful wedding all in one weekend – CONGRATS Holley & Scott!

Each year the company Bret works for has a huge Christmas party for all of the employee’s kids. This was our 2nd time to attend and they loved it! We arrived a bit early and while walking up to the door we heard the fire truck sirens which indicated Santa was nearing! Korbin and Baxlyn were a bit nervous but so excited at the same time. They both ran and stood on a nearby rock to try to get a higher/better look at the jolly ole’ guy as we arrived. I LOVE this picture below of Baxlyn – she could hardly contain her excitement!


Sweet Korbin waving his little heart out yelling “Heeeyyyy Sannnttaa! Heeyyyy!”


As Santa got off the fire truck Korbin and B, along with other kids nearby ran out to greet him. I love how nervous Baxlyn holds on to Korbin as they go together to get a closer look.


Meanwhile, Kylee & Brody and staying clear of Santa. Brody isn’t too sure about Santa but Kylee is terrified of him…and Chuck E Cheese and the Easter Bunny and any other “live” character she comes in contact with.


While waiting in line to see Santa Kylee was able to see other kids sitting on his lap, smiling for pictures, and receiving their candy canes. Thanks to that and us constantly reassuring her he was nice she agreed to take a picture with her siblings.  I could not believe my eyes! She wouldn’t dare sit on his lap but a picture she would do and she walked away saying “I’m not scared anymore!”


Korbin & Baxlyn working hard at making their ornaments while Brody & Kylee watch a puppet show from afar…


Baby Blade snoooozin’ away!


Cookies with frosting. Umm.. frosting with cookies would probably be more fitting :/


Kylee enjoying a show while the others watch the trains go around and around…


My sweeeeet sweeeet boy!


Making their Christmas trees…


Brody proudly showing Blade his work of art :)


“Signing” their names on the “Support Our Troops” sign. While trying to help others write their name I look over to catch Brody sniffing the life out of a sharpie “Ooohh dat smells GOOD, Mommy!” Nice.


The next morning we attended a much smaller Christmas party at Linda’s work. There were just a handful of kids, ours being the majority so when Santa arrived they got some serious one on four time with him! First thing they noticed was that Santa’s beard was about half as long as it was the night before. Santa explained to them how it got caught in the reigns the night before so he had to cut it ;) Nice cover, Santa, nice cover! They all stood and talked to Santa for quite a while. IMG_5570Rather than tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, they insisted on telling him all of the bad things the others had done. Kylee: “Wast night, Bwody touched the Chwistmas Wights” Korbin: “Kylee was a bad girrl and had to go to time out!” on and on the tattling went!


Sunday afternoon, our Moms of Multiples group went to a local place called Pump It Up. It was a private party where all of our little multiple people could run, climb and jump their little hearts out! While Bret and I were running around trying to keep track of our four, another mom brought me a very scared, very upset and bawling Kylee. Apparently she laid eyes on the Santa who was there and she didn’t fall for him. Although I didn’t see him myself another mom said the dude in the costume weighed about 82lbs definitely not your everyday Santa…come on people, the kids totally notice! No Santa pics that day, needless to say!

This weekend Santa visited our local library. We left Blade home with Daddy and met our friends Anna & Levi there to see Santa and Mrs. Claus.


Sunday morning all five kiddos were a part of the church play. Blade played an excellent Baby Jesus while the quads each had a different line they were to say. Three of them ended up saying the same line, but they said it and I was proud!


Blade sat awake and content through the whole little program hiccups and all! There was a manger but he was a bit too big for it, go figure, so we laid a blanket over his carseat and it worked just fine!


Korbin saying Kylee’s line loud and proud :)


Brody helping hold the microphone while Miss B says her line…


I had to include this one. They called the nursery and preschool down so the bigger kids could do their presentation and afterwards, called the little ones back up to end in a song. Baxlyn was less than happy she had to leave her Daddy’s lap…hence the attitude she’s sportin’, arms crossed and everything, during the classic “We Wish You A Merry Chirstmas” Ahhh, gotta love her!



  1. What wonderful memories! But the picture of Brody peeking out of behind his dad is PRECIOUS! I love it! Thank you for sharing and Merry'll are going to have so much fun this year! It just gets better and better! A friend in East Texas, Pam

  2. Such cuties. I meant to post earlier that I saw you at Hobby Lobby last week. I wanted to say Hi so badly but I know you must get stopped constantly so I didn't. I've been reading since you had the quads and it was such a chance to see you in person. Hope your family has a great Christmas. Looks like you are off to a great start!


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