Monday, March 18, 2013

A Special Boy’s Special Anniversary

Four years ago today my little Baby A received the surgery that saved his life. Many of you followed and prayed with us as we watched our little Broman struggle day in and out to survive. Between his severely underdeveloped lungs, the bleeding in his brain and his hydrocephalus that was causing his head to swell more and more everyday, the odds for Brody to survive were stacked against him. We were told at one point that Brody had his doctors “backed into a corner” and Bret and I were given the option to “pull the plug” on his precious life. It brings me to tears today to think of all the kids who are not here today because their parents who had lost hope were given that option.

As sick as he was and despite being sedated for a long length of time, I remember he would still squeeze my finger as if letting me know he was still there to fight. Day after day I sat beside his covered isolette, cried and prayed for a miracle. Never had I (or have I to this day) felt so incredibly helpless. The hardest thing, by far, is watching your baby suffer and barely cling to life and knowing there is nothing you can do about it.brody surgery3

Four years later I still thank you, our followers, for the AMAZING support and prayers you have given our family. Several doctors told us that Brody was too small and too unstable to perform the surgery he needed, that is until we came across Dr. Honeycutt a couple of hours away at Cook Children’s Hospital. God used the hands of Dr. Honeycutt on March 18th, 2009 to carefully place a VP Shunt into Brody’s 4 weeks old, barely 4lb body that would quickly drain 30cc’s of CSF from his brain and make a dramatic difference in his condition.

Mommy & Brody before surgerybrody surgery1

Brody and another battle scar. I remember being so thankful they didn’t have to shave his pretty blonde hair. brody surgery2

Our healthy, thriving Brody this morning continuing to beat the odds and continuing to fight all that came along with his prematurity! We are so blessed to have gone 4 years now with no malfunction. I pray he’s one of the few who never do :)brody 4yr shunt an

We love you, Brody, and are so incredibly proud of you. Thank you so much for fighting so hard.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11


  1. AMEN!!! Praise the Lord for his goodness and grace! Brody you may never know how many people love you and prayed for you and your Daddy and Mommy, but know it now! I know that God has a wonderful plan for your life, because He performed a miracle to save it! Love you so much my special nephew! Aunt Beth (AKA Sis)

  2. By the way, Jeremiah 29:11 is John's memory verse this week! God never ceases to amaze me! Aunt Beth (AKA Sis)

  3. Once again, such a beautiful blog. This time for wonderful little Brody. Every day the 4 of them melt my heart with things they say. This time I'll mention sweet Brody yesterday in church admiring my new earrings asked me "Nana next time could you look for some Dora ones and ask John & Darrell to find some Spiderman ones!" Love you so much Brody!

  4. I am so happy to have "met" you through the similar journey Everest and Brody share. I am also so happy for you all that Brody got the shunt, and has not had any issues since! We were just at an event today (Miracle Party) for kids from Everest's hospital, and I was talking to another preemie mom and just said how blown away I am how a pediatric neurosurgeon can place a VP shunt into such a teeny tiny body. So grateful for that! Happy 4 year shunt-i-versary Brody! Here's to many more years <3

  5. Brody is so very blessed to have not had a malfunction to date! The 2 Annabel have had have been SO hard! I couldn't imagine the kiddos I read about who have had 25+ at 8-9 years old, breaks my heart.

    I completely agree with you, between our girls brain bleeds and being told they'd have no quality of life and to discontinue care to when Johnathan was so sick from sepsis it didn't look like he'd make it - I couldn't imagine every giving up on them and yet I know people do because it's given as an option and at that time as a parent you're so distraught and discouraged, it's SO hard. Like you guys we had a lot of people praying for us and the babies too and it really helped us know what we needed to do, that as long as they were fighting we would too! : )

    God Bless all of you Heather!


  6. Hi Heather! :) I admire you a lot, you're one of my role models; my birthday is on Thursday, and it would mean a lot if you said happy birthday to me?? Thank you :) - Naomi

  7. By the way I'm not even sure how I came across your blog, but I absolutely love it :) P.S- I'll be 13 on Thursday. - Naomi

    1. Hey Naomi, feel free to email me ;)

    2. Omg you talked to me! :) Thank you! And ok :) -Naomi

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  9. That is such an amazing and beautiful story. I could not read it with dry eyes.


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