Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cox Quads meet Movie Theater: Wreck It Ralph

As you all know, Brody, Baxlyn, Kylee & Korbin have been potty trained for a while now. We did the 3 day method, they caught on super quickly and have never regressed, thank goodness. I’m told some kids night train themselves naturally during the 3 day as well…ours not so much.

On any given morning 1-3 of them will be dry but never all four. We’ve opted not to waste our money on Pull-Ups for the longest time because they’re basically an expensive diaper. We recently started buying Pull-Ups since we are trying to be more aggressive at the night training thing. Knowing it hhaadd to be done sometime, we told the quads that if they needed to potty at night, they are allowed to get up and go and go back to bed. They hear “you are allowed to get out of your bed!” HOLY HEADACHE!

I’m not one to not allow them water after a certain time in the evening. I know how thirsty I often get during the night and they’ve been known to chug water during the night as well. I’m sure most parents deal with the train of excuses their kids make up to get out of bed “I need my other blanket” “I forgot a drink” “I need to give you a hug” “My toe hurts…the list goes on. Now added to that list is “I need to go potty!!!” The night time process is a drag lately. One get’s up to potty, what do ya know 2 or 3 more have to get up to potty. Before you know it there’s a party going on, sanitizer everywhere…etc. Ugh, where do you draw the line? If they neeeeed to go potty, we HAVE to let them, right? Especially if we want them to wake up dry… Like seriously people, I’m asking you. If you have (kind) advice, I’m all ears.

So anyways, Bret and I cut a deal with the quads a couple of weeks ago. The morning they ALL woke up dry we could call Daddy, he would leave work and we would go to Going Bonkers and have a day out together. We both assumed it would be a long time before they all woke up dry together. We remind them every night of our little deal and they try so hard. Several mornings I would go in only to find wet diapers on the floors where the pee-ers had ditched them and gotten a new one from the bathroom, thinking that it would count as “being dry”. Yeah, not so much, guys.

I went in Wednesday morning as usual and started checking pull-ups. Dry, dry, dry….and dry! I immediately started searching around for the soggy diapers they had ditched and found NOTHING, nada. They informed me that they all had gone potty by themselves and stayed dry all night. After searching dressers, drawers, trashcans & under the sinks with no wet Pull-Ups in sight, I let myself believe them and we gave Daddy a call and gave him the great news! This week happens to be spring break so we knew due to crowds and germs, Going Bonkers was off the table. There’s no doubt that place is packed like sardines and our four would get trampled. After discussing different outing we decided to treat our foursome to their very first movie!

wreck it ralph 2

Wreck it Ralph was one of the only kid movies playing at the dollar theater that day so that’s what we chose. Brody, B, Kylee & Korbin were SO excited to go to the movies even though they had never been. We dropped off Baby Blade with Nana & friend Sandy and headed to the theatre. We walked through the doors and they all stopped and stared…movies10

If you know me, you know I have a fear of them choking (I blame it on the episodes they had while babies). I’m that mom who still cuts her kids grapes at the age of 4. It took some serious convincing but Bret talked me in to letting them have popcorn for the first time. He said, and I agreed, they need to have the full experience ;)movies9

Kylee got folded up in her chair a few times and they said, I think for personal reassurance, “It’s not scary, Mommy. Yeah. It’s not scary…”. Once there for a few minutes they were settled in and excited! movies7

I sat next to them and stared like a hawk for any choking while they giggled and talked too loud :)movies2movies3movies4movies5


Once the movie started they all sat pretty well, Kylee did the most talking (once her popcorn was gone) and did some seat rearranging and Brody was the only one who needed a potty break. I’m not sure they followed the point of the movie, but they enjoyed it nonetheless! At one point they all about had a nervous breakdown when the word “stupid” was said…. all four of them at once turned to Bret or myself “MOMMY, THEY SAID A BAD WORD, WE DON’T SAY STUPID, THAT WAS BAD! THEY SAID A BAD WORD!” lol!

As we were leaving the theater, I noticed these ABCD signs at the ends of these lines. We HAD to stop an have a picture, of course! They don’t understand that that’s what they used to be called so this picture made no sense to them, but it was special to us. In birth order Brody, Baxlyn, Kylee & Korbin… our little ABCD. *Fun Fact: In utero Kylee was “D” and Korbin was “C”. During delivery, Kylee slipped down and was delivered first technically making her “C” and Korbin “D”. movies1

Congrats, my little people, for waking up dry! Let’s try to make this a habit, ehh?!



  1. Congratulations guys and gals!!! I'm so proud of you!!! What a fun day you all had! Love, Aunt Beth (AKA Sis)

  2. Oh my goodness, you are growing up so fast!! I'm so glad you had this fun day and am so proud of you for waking up dry!! Love, Nana

  3. I have been reading your blog since we were both pregnant with quads (mine are a couple months younger than yours I think...) I can SO relate to the bedtime bathroom request dilemma...wanted to tell you what worked for us! I decided to ask them right after I tucked each one in to go to the bathroom again. At first they all went. *sigh* But by the third night I think, either all would say "I already went" and it was over... or one kid would decide to go, but the rest stayed in bed and didn't care that he was going. I think maybe because they saw that it's not a big deal anymore now that they know that I'm going to "let" them get out of bed anyways! Hope this helps! I really enjoy reading your blog and wish you all the best!

  4. I'm glad for them!
    Their first time at cinema? so cute! :)

  5. Yay! That is wonderful that they woke up dry. You came up with a great way to celebrate. I love that you had them stand by the A,B,C,D signs in birth order.

  6. I started reading your blog from the beginning a couple weeks ago, and I have to say I am a bit sad that I've caught up with y'all! ;) your children are precious and obviously you are an amazing, loving mother! -Beth (not your sis, haha :)

  7. Too funny, I was also the one who cute grapes until just last year and ours didn't get popcorn until 4 either! I remember how crazy my friends thought I was but I always figured at that point let's continue to be safe, with all they (us) have been thru, the LAST thing we need is something bad to happen because of that! I can say I've already been more lenient with Kate, she's getting to do things much sooner but not as extreme as some - I saw a 6 month old eating popcorn the other day, seriously?!?

    Exciting they all had a dry night, hopefully there's many more in the near future! And cute A/B/C/D pic! Mady and John also switched, he was our baby B (boy) and Mady was C but they switched at birth too! : )

  8. Ha!! I could have almost wrote this post too. We are working on waking up dry too. Actually, more for nap than night. And I too LOVE finding soggy pullups laying on the bathroom floor in the morning :)

    Oh & stupid. Its said on Toy Story also. Its a HUGE deal around here that they say a naughty word.

    Good to know this all happens elsewhere too!


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