Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rewind – Easter 2014!

 Each year, Easter gets a little more fun in our house! It’s one Holiday I strive to teach the kids the true meaning of the most. If it weren’t for Christ’s resurrection life wouldn’t be worth living and we, as people, would have no hope in this crazy life we live.

One of my favorite things about our new house is the land. We have just under 2 acres so LOTS of running room and room to hide….. Easter Eggs! With 5 kids, I swear, we bring home hundreds of eggs each year. I’m confident we’ll never have to buy eggs at the rate we’re going. We stuffed a TON of eggs and scattered them throughout the yard before sending our fab 5 out to retrieve them. I look forward to when they’re older and we can go all out using the big trees and creek we have out back to hide eggs. I’m over this “hide the eggs in plain view” stuff and am ready to get competitive ;)


Like in most homes,  it’s tradition to dye Easter Eggs. We dyed several dozen, way more than we (along with the neighbors) would ever eat, but it was fun!


Our crew ready to start their hunt…


Baxlyn, as always, wasted no time and had an overflowing bucket within about 70 seconds. She then proceeded to help her siblings fill their buckets! Ignore their non-matching-on-the-wrong-feet shoe wear. At home they grab what they see, put it on, and go!


Brody, like all the years before, still is content with just a few eggs. It’s not quantity he’s worried about. He’s still happy with collecting a few eggs and then taking a seat to check out the loot that’s inside…


Kylee also likes to check out her loot AS she hunts. One good thing about this age is they don’t quite remember things from a year ago (unless it comes to animals, of course). I still had a ton of their non-eatable goodies (think tattoos, stickers, plastic rabbits..etc.) put up in the closet from last year. I stuck those babies in eggs this year and it was as if they’d never seen them before!


Sweeeeet sweeeeet Baby Blade <3


This picture captures Baxlyn’s personality perfectly. She always aims to please and tries her best at EVERYTHING she does. Here she tried to give the best little pose she could while I took a picture of her with her eggs. Love this sweet girl!


MOMMY! WOOK AT THESE STICKERS!!!!” Those would be left over tattoos from last year’s VBS – saving money, folks ;)


Korbin, slightly annoyed, pauses to throw me a fake smile while opening his eggs.


 Sadly, Easter Morning, my sweet boy woke up with a fever and had to stay home from church. He and Daddy met us later at Nana’s house where he laid miserably all day long :( I hate to see him not feel good but looovve the snuggles he offers!Eb9 

Brody, Baxlyn, Kylee & Korbin at church Easter morning. Look at how big these babes are getting?! Makes me sad but so proud at the same time!


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  1. They crack me up with their boots! I wanted to make sure each one had their own special boots to play in and you can see they could care less, as long as they have a boot on each foot they are happy!!


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