Monday, December 1, 2014

Update - Kylee is out of surgery!

Kylee got out of surgery just after 11am, thank you all for your kind words and prayers! Dr. Mayfield said everything went great and even did surgery on her little unicorn's left leg with a cast that looks like Kylee's :)


Her doctor made a total of 5 incisions to complete the transfer. The tendon he took (wish I could show a picture that explains it better, but laptop is acting up) ran down the side of her ankle into a bone on her foot. He went in and split the tendon in half (length wise, not cut in half) and re-routed one half of the tendon around and attached it to the opposite side of her foot. Basically, he made the inside of her foot that was really tight, weaker. The half of the tendon that was pulled around to the other side is now helping pull her foot to a more natural position. He said once he put the first suture in that attached the tendon to the new spot, he let go of her foot and it stayed put - AMAZING! He added a few more sutures to reinforce just to be safe. He also did a gastroc release (cut the muscle near her calve) to help her increased tone.

After surgery, the anesthesiologist performed a sciatic nerve block so Kylee won't feel anything from her knee down. The block typically lasts 12-24 hours. Once the block starts to wear off is when we deal with additional pain management. Please pray that we can can easily control her pain! If all goes well and she appears to have tolerated surgery well, we should be discharged tomorrow.

Her bright YeLlOw cast! Next to pink, her signature "quad-color", Kylee loves yellow!

We will update again soon!


  1. Praise God and thank you for keeping us all updated! Continued prayers for Kylee as well as for all of you!!

  2. It is such a relief when surgery is completed. We give God all the GLORY!! What would we do without Him to lean on! Can't wait to see you Kylee! Nana is so proud of you, you are one brave little girl!!

  3. Oh praise God! God is so good and He was watching over her. I am so proud of her!

  4. Jesus heard thousands of prayers for you Kylee! And we are all so thankful that He answered them and kept you safe and gave you awesome doctors to help you. I am so proud of you! You are a very special little girl and I love you very much! How about we decorate your wheelchair?! Love you, Aunt Beth (AKA Sis)


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