Sunday, November 30, 2014

Please Pray for Kylee {SPOTT Surgery}

Tomorrow morning (Monday, Dec. 1st) our Kylee will go into surgery. Yes, another surgery. This will be our 3rd in about 6 weeks. Thankfully, both boys are doing wonderfully and their recoveries have been great. Korbin was released by his doctor to resume normal crazy, five year old boy activities this week and Brody should be cleared from his neurosurgeon next week! Now our focus is on Mrs. Kylee.

Most of you know Kylee has Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy. Her grade 4 (most severe) brain bleed (IVH) on the right half of her brain has caused CP that affects the left side of her body, specifically her hand and leg/foot. After years of therapy, multiple Botox treatments and years of braces/orthotics, her condition is only worsening and her little foot is turning in more and more.

 After consulting with many doctors we've decided Kylee could greatly benefit from a tendon transfer. Dr. Mayfeild will be performing the SPOTT procedure tomorrow morning at Cooks Childrens in Fort Worth. SPOTT - Split Posterior Tibial Transfer. Dr. Acosta, her neurologist, targeted this specific tendon during her last Botox treatment (in May) and it had a BEAUTIFUL effect. Bad news, it only lasted 2-3 weeks. Good news tho is that it confirmed what her orthopedic surgeon had suspected was the problem. The fact that the Botox worked reassured him that that's where the work needed to be done. Botox is what some consider a "band aid" (which can help and last for months, just not in Kylee's case) and we're hoping if the surgery is successful, it will be a permanent fix...for her foot anyways. Bret and I take great comfort in knowing our doctors (neurologist, ortho surgeon, neurosurgeon and neuropsychologist) work closely together and often work as a team. We've handed our precious babies over to them before and know they're in great hands here at Cooks.  

Kylee, Bret and I are staying in a hotel tonight near the hospital. We live a bit aways from the hospital and Kylee needs to be there at 6:30am. Her surgery is scheduled for 8am and will last approximately 3 hours. After surgery, Kylee will be admitted and will hopefully be discharged Tuesday afternoon. Unlike her brothers', Kylee's recovery will be a bit of a hard one. She will be in a cast and will be in a wheelchair for 6-8 weeks. She will be out of school this week and should be able to return next week with her siblings. I personally have NEVER dealt with a cast and only a wheelchair when I was pregnant with them. Needless to say it will be an adjustment for us all, but especially Kylee. We've talked to her over the last few weeks and have explained things the best that we could. She knows she will have an IV, surgery and "get to be" in a wheelchair but she's most excited about the ice cream and balloons we promised her :)

When we came back from dinner, the sweet lady at the front desk had made a special basket just for Kylee with her name and all! Inside of it is lots of candy, popcorn, coloring books, playing cards, jewelry, cookies, word searches and more! SO sweet and was such a fun surprise for Kylee!

Here is the latest picture of Kylee's foot that I took tonight in the hotel... You can easily see more pics of her little foot, as well as see more history regarding her CP, by searching in the white box at the top left or the left side of the screen. Type in keywords such as "Botox, CP, Hemiplegia, AFO, Braces"...etc. and a list of posts should come up.

For now, we just ask that you say a prayer for our sweet girl. That she can be brave, that God guides the doctors during this tedious procedure and that her pain can be easily controlled during recovery. Bret and I will update everyone here tomorrow once she is out of recovery.



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