Thursday, March 12, 2015

Baxlyn’s EGD (Upper GI, Biopsy, Scope)

4am came early this morning and we headed to Cook Children’s Surgery Center. Just like her BFF, Mr. Korbin, she didn’t show any nerves before heading back for her procedure – such a champ :)

b biopsy 1

The procedure itself went well and only took about 15 minutes. Dr. Russo wanted to do the biopsies to confirm what he believes is Celiac Disease (see previous post). We were expecting to go in, have it done, the doc come out and say “OK, we will wait for results!” While we did hear that, we also learned of yet another concern Dr. Russo has. As he entered through her stomach to get to her intestines, he notice her tummy had food in it. She hadn’t eaten for a good 12-13 hours therefore there shouldn’t have been any food in there. He said what was there was rather large, nothing he could suction out. Really abnormal. He said she *could* have some motility issues going on in addition to what *might* be celiac.

We now have three things on our radar 1) Blood work which indicates Celiac Disease. 2) Chronic constipation. 3) Food in tummy.

He said right now all we can do is wait for results on the biopsies. Although he is going to push to have them tomorrow, it could be next week before we know anything. Dr. Russo did say that he could see that the lining of her small intestine had “carpet” (the villi that I talked about previously), the biopsies will show us if that carpet is “shag” or “berber”, we want shag carpet. He said if we do get 100% confirmation of the Celiac Disease, the gluten free diet should fix everything from her tummy pain to her constipation BUT it doesn’t explain why there is food hanging out in her tummy.

Bret and I left a bit more confused than when we were when we went in and are anxious to hear the results from today’s scope. We do feel confident tho that Miss B is in great hands! Please continue to pray we can alleviate her abdominal pain sooner than later! Thanks for the support and will keep you all posted!

b biopsy 2


  1. Continued prayers for all of you!!!! I cannot even imagine!! Bless your hearts - you are such overcomers! Thank you for the updates. We do love your family. We have grand quads ourselves.

  2. I hope you get the biopsy results and they show what you want. I have abdominal issues and am gluten free please feel free to contact me. I left my email address on last post

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