Sunday, March 8, 2015

Snow Days in Texas

Long time, no blog. My intentions are there but the time it takes and the “down time” it requires….not so much. Lots to share a lots to catch you up on over the next week or so! Here in north Texas we were blessed with beautiful weather during January and most of February. For a while there, I swear every weekend’s weather was sent straight from Heaven above. Just a few days after their, again beautiful, birthday party weather, the winter was upon us. Here in the south you just NEVER know with weather. 70s one day and an ice storm the next.

Our first day off school was technically an “ice day”. Despite the pictures looking like snow, this was really a mixture of sleet and ice. Nevermind a select few children in bath robes. It’s Texas, we don’t have all the get up you notherners do and work with what we got ;) The pictures below is of them attempting to slide down the hill leading to our creek behind the house. Uncle Chris was a champ and showed them ummm “how it’s done” while Bethany and I stood back laughing.


Well prepared wearing his football cleats, Chris spun the kids around in circles on the icy driveway using a large tote. They LOVED it! We won’t talk about the one kid who leaned and went flying out of the bucket…and we certainly won’t show the video clip we got of the incident…whoops.



The first TRUE snow day we got, the school called and said Mrs. Kylee wasn’t feeling well. I ended up picking all of them up early. Kylee collapsed under the covers of our nice warm bed while these three goobers played outside…

L-R Korbin, Baxlyn & Brody   IMG_9905

I absolutely LOVE how everything looks when it snows. We are surrounded by huge trees that are just gorgeous when covered in the snow! 

IMG_9913  IMG_9922 IMG_9926 IMG_9939  IMG_9946To my surprise the three actually stayed out for a while. Every time it snows I spend 45 minutes getting everyone dressed and ready only to have them come to the door crying and frozen after 93 seconds of play. Must have been the hot chocolate that kept them out longer this time ;)


Korbin lasted the longest at about an hour. He was SO excited about the “real” icicles he found around the property and collected them all in a box!


This is later that evening. Uncle Chris came over to help them build a snowman. Side note, I assure you Brooke is not a vicious dog, we caught her mid-bark ;)


 Apparently this particular snow was not “snowman friendly” and wouldn’t stick. We ended up using their plastic tub to mold our snowman’s body and gave him a round head…


We had another snow day this past week and opted to stay nice and warm inside. I was seeing lots and lots of “homemade ice cream” pictures on my Facebook feed so we gave it a whirl. 6 cups of fresh snow, 1 cup of milk, 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/2tbsp of vanilla all mixed together actually made some pretty good ice cream! The kids had fun making it and to my surprise, it was pretty yummy!













Thankfully it looks like beautiful spring weather it’s is our near future. The snow is fun for a day or two, but we are MORE than ready for our green grass and flowers!

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